Yuriy Vovk

Yuriy Vovk

Belgian opera singer (bass-baritone), conductor and composer.
Date of Birth: 17.07.1933
Country: Ukraine

  1. Biography of Yuriy Vovk
  2. Education
  3. Chess Career
  4. Victory in Kappel-la-Grande Tournament
  5. World Blitz Championship
  6. Conclusion

Biography of Yuriy Vovk

Yuriy Vovk is a Ukrainian chess player and grandmaster. He was born on October 14, 1988, in Lviv, Ukraine.


Vovk graduated from Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. It was during his time at the university that his passion for chess grew and he started to excel in the game.

Chess Career

In 2008, Vovk achieved the title of Grandmaster. He has participated in numerous chess tournaments and has had notable successes throughout his career.

Victory in Kappel-la-Grande Tournament

One of Vovk's significant achievements was his victory in the renowned open tournament in Kappel-la-Grande, France, in 2009. This win further established his reputation as a talented and skilled chess player.

World Blitz Championship

On October 14, 2015, Vovk demonstrated his remarkable skills by securing the tenth place in the World Blitz Championship. This achievement showcased his ability to think strategically and make quick decisions under time pressure.


Yuriy Vovk has proven himself as a prominent figure in the world of chess. His dedication, skills, and success in various tournaments have made him a respected grandmaster in Ukraine and internationally. He continues to inspire young chess enthusiasts with his achievements and passion for the game.