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Country: Ukraine

  1. Adaptation: A Biography
  2. A Punk Club and the Impact
  3. Bonds with Siberian Musicians and the Essence of Punk

Adaptation: A Biography

Adaptation, a rock band, emerged in 1992 and immediately embarked on an honest and uncompromising punk rock journey. The band consists of Yermen Anti on vocals and guitar, Nik Vdovichenko on bass (also the leader of the band "Zapadny Front"), Sanya Shiza on lead guitar, and Sergey Shchankin on drums. "Adaptation" performed in various cities such as Alma-Ata, Uralsk, Orsk, Orenburg, Ryazan, Volgodonsk, Moscow, and St. Petersburg. Now, it is time for Siberia to hear the songs of the Aktobe musicians. On October 12th, "Adaptation" played in Zarinsk together with Shao, Optimist, Nastya Artemova, Cherny Lukich, Pakhts, and Alexander Podorozhny. On November 14th, they performed in Novosibirsk alongside "Teplaya Trassa".

A Punk Club and the Impact

Speaking of Barnaul, Yermen noted that the audience there is ordinary, "just like everywhere else." It is interesting to note that Yermen initiated the creation of a punk club in Aktobe, which included "Adaptation," "Zapadny Front," "Belkanov Band," "Mrakobesy Vesny," "Deti Gebbelsa," and another project by Yermen Anti called "Bishara-Baldar," which performs punk rock in the Kazakh language. The punk club also publishes a rock samizdat called "Alga." So, the members of the punk club dealt with their colleagues from the Aktobe rock scene in a unique way. Faced with a lot of hostility from various rockers, the punk club members used various tricks to disrupt concerts of bands not affiliated with the punk club. Eventually, this resulted in no one else playing in Aktobe besides the punk club bands to this day. Perhaps, others are afraid. Yermen Anti considers the Soviet Union as his homeland. This probably explains the recent tour of "Adaptation" in Kazakhstan, with a call to vote for the Communists.

Bonds with Siberian Musicians and the Essence of Punk

Warm relationships have developed between Aktobe musicians and Siberian musicians, including Cherny Lukich, Manager, Roman Neumoev, and "Teplaya Trassa." It is also interesting that the guys still respect Egor Letov, without attempting any criticism. This is Yermen Anti and the band "Adaptation," this is punk. As Nik Vdovichenko noted, "honesty" is the most important aspect of punk. This is the essence of the overall concept known as Soviet Rock.

Yermen Anti (solo):
- "Parashyut A.Bashlachyova" - 1995
- "Zona Beskonechnogo Konflikta" - 1997

- "Zapakhi Detstva" - 1996
- "Koleso Istorii" - 1997
- "Na Nelegalnom Polozhenii" - 1998
- "Za Izmenu Rodine" - 1999
- "Bezvremenye" (live, Moscow) - 1999