Adolf Gottlieb

Adolf Gottlieb

American artist and abstract sculptor
Date of Birth: 14.03.1903
Country: USA

  1. Adolf Gottlieb: American Abstract Expressionist Painter and Sculptor
  2. Pictographs: Gottlieb's First Major Artistic Series
  3. Explosions: A Significant Series of Works
  4. Exploration in Sculpture

Adolf Gottlieb: American Abstract Expressionist Painter and Sculptor

Adolf Gottlieb was an American artist and abstract expressionist sculptor who worked primarily in the style of abstract expressionism. He began studying painting in the 1920s, first at the Art Students League in New York and later at the Parsons School of Design and the Grand Chaumière Academy in Paris. During his travels in France and Germany in the 1920s, Gottlieb became acquainted with contemporary European art, particularly surrealism. This encounter led him to believe that art could be an expression of the unconscious, deepening his interest in motifs derived from psychological archetypes.

Pictographs: Gottlieb's First Major Artistic Series

In 1941, Gottlieb embarked on the creation of his first major artistic series titled "Pictographs." These works were executed in an "archaic" or "primitive" artistic language, akin to the artistic symbols found in Native American art. They were arranged in a grid-like composition, reminiscent of the works of Giorgio de Chirico's metaphysical realism and the simplified artistic compositions of pre-Renaissance Italian masters.

Explosions: A Significant Series of Works

Another significant series of works by Adolf Gottlieb was the "Explosions," which he began painting around the years 1956/1957. In this series, Gottlieb employed a considerable simplification of motifs. On large-scale canvases, two vertically arranged forms were depicted - an upper round and well-defined shape, juxtaposed with a lower, more chaotic and blurred form. Both symbols seemingly confront each other, creating an atmosphere of confrontation and force. Some notable pieces from this series include "Detonation I" (1957) housed in the Museum of Modern Art, New York, "Apex" (1959), "Counterweight" (1959), and "Bullet" (1971).

Exploration in Sculpture

Rarely seen in abstract expressionist artists, Gottlieb also created a series of sculptures based on the motifs from his "Explosions" artistic series. These sculptures further exemplify his exploration of form and expression in three-dimensional space.

In his lifetime, Adolf Gottlieb made significant contributions to the world of abstract expressionism with his distinctive style and exploration of primitive symbolism. His works continue to be celebrated and exhibited in major museums and galleries worldwide.