British rapper and hip-hop artist
Date of Birth: 13.12.1983
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Akala
  2. A Journey to Music
  3. Rise to Fame
  4. Unwavering Authenticity
  5. A Multifaceted Artist
  6. A Diverse Career
  7. Discography and Achievements

Biography of Akala

Kingslee James Daley, better known by his stage name Akala, is a British rapper and hip-hop artist from Camden. He was born on December 31, 1983, and is the younger brother of the famous English singer Ms. Dynamite. Akala grew up in the northern part of London and draws inspiration from his own life experiences in his music.


A Journey to Music

As a teenager, Akala demonstrated remarkable mathematical abilities and even secured a place at the Royal Institute. However, he realized that a career in mathematics was not his true passion and turned to sports. He excelled in football and even earned a football scholarship, but it couldn't fully satisfy him. Eventually, Daley discovered that his true love was always music.


Rise to Fame

Akala gained attention in the music industry with the release of his single "Banga 4 Da Streets/War" last summer. He quickly amassed a considerable fan base, and soon after, representatives from MTV took notice of the talented independent artist. This achievement was significant for someone working without the support of major record labels.


Unwavering Authenticity

Despite the potential commercial benefits, Akala remained true to himself and continued to create music in his own unique style. His music does not conform to the mainstream format, which sets him apart from many other artists. He spent several months working on his debut album while simultaneously releasing singles and founding his own record label.


A Multifaceted Artist

Akala's entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his ventures beyond music. At the age of 18, he opened his own Jamaican cuisine restaurant, showcasing his exceptional business acumen. However, his love for music never wavered, and performing live became an integral part of his life. He enjoys interacting with his audience and witnessing their reactions firsthand.

A Diverse Career

Akala actively avoids mainstream success, believing that many serious musical projects eventually produce music that caters to the average listener. He believes that true artistry lies in staying true to oneself, as there is nothing more valuable than preserving one's authenticity. Akala has embarked on concert tours both in the UK and internationally, performing alongside renowned British rappers and collaborating with influential musicians such as Lowkey.

Discography and Achievements

To date, Akala has released three studio albums: "It's Not A Rumour," "Freedom Lasso," and "DoubleThink." He has also released 13 singles and recorded three mixtapes. One of his early singles, "Roll Wid Us," was featured in the soundtrack of the British crime drama "Kidulthood." In addition to performing in the UK, Akala has also showcased his talents in Nigeria and Vietnam.