Alena Zhukova

Alena Zhukova

Writer, screenwriter, film critic
Date of Birth: 31.05.1957
Country: Ukraine

Alena Zhukova: A Multifaceted Writer

Alena Zhukova is a renowned writer, screenwriter, and film critic. She is a member of several prestigious literary organizations, including the Moscow branch of the Union of Writers of Russia, the International Society of A. P. Chekhov, the Union of Writers of the 21st Century, and the Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine.

Currently, Zhukova serves as the Vice President and Program Director of the Toronto Russian Film Festival (TRFF) and the Program Director of the Canadian Film Days in Moscow "Canadian Mosaic" since 2009. She actively contributes to the promotion of Russian and Canadian cinema.

Since 1994, Alena Zhukova has been residing in Toronto, Canada. She is the official representative of Nikita Mikhalkov's magazine, "Svoi," and has written numerous prose works. In 2009, her book of short stories titled "K chto snilis yabloki Marine" (What Apples Dreamt of Marina) was published by Nikita Mikhalkov's Publishing House, "Sibirskiy tsiryulnik." Additionally, in October 2010, her new book "K chto snilis yabloki Marine" was published by EKSMO Publishing House in Moscow, in the category of "Simple Things" within the section of Contemporary Prose and Drama.

Alena Zhukova also collaborates with various magazines and newspapers in Canada, the United States, Russia, and Ukraine. Her contributions to the literary field and her remarkable talent have earned her widespread recognition and respect.