Alex Masi

Alex Masi

Guitarist, pianist and composer.
Date of Birth: 15.05.1964
Country: Italy

  1. Alex Masi: Biography of a Talented Musician
  2. Fire In The Rain
  3. Instrumental Works and Soundtracks
  4. Continuing Success and Soundtrack Contributions

Alex Masi: Biography of a Talented Musician

Alex Masi is an Italian guitarist, pianist, and composer. He began his career in 1984 as a member of the band Dark Lord in Venice, where they released two hard rock albums. Afterward, he moved to America and signed a contract with Metal Blade Records as a solo artist. However, he soon joined the metal band Sound Barrier, where he quickly established himself as a front-runner, leading the group to change its name to MASI.

Fire In The Rain

MASI's debut solo album, "Fire In The Rain," featured vocalist Bernie K. from Sound Barrier, bassist Chris Marxx, and drummer Dave Brown. The album was well-received on both sides of the Atlantic, as the trend for guitar heroes, influenced by artists like Yngwie Malmsteen, was at its peak. The following year, MASI released their second album, "Downtown Dreamers," with a new lineup that included vocalist David Fefolt, bassist Claus Wildt, and drummer Jonathan McKeighan. The album showcased a stronger sound, and the band embarked on a European tour, opening for Nazareth.

Instrumental Works and Soundtracks

After their successful tour, Alex Masi parted ways with the previous lineup and focused on creating more instrumental music. He recorded all the bass and keyboard parts himself for his next album. He collaborated with renowned drummer Frank Banali and guest guitarists Kuni and Alan Holdsworth. Masi also attempted to form a project with vocalist Rhett Forrester but was unsuccessful. His next album, "Vertical Invader," featured drummer John Macaluso and bassist Dave Sumner. On his 1995 release, "Tales From The North," Masi worked with vocalist Kyle Michaels from Geezer Butler Band and drummer Mike Wright. His 1997 album, "The Watcher," included covers of Uriah Heep's "Easy Livin'" and Stevie Wonder's "Living For The City," with Michaels still on vocals and Tim McCardell on drums.

Continuing Success and Soundtrack Contributions

In addition to recording the soundtrack for "Black Roses," Masi contributed to the soundtracks of films such as "Demons III," "Bedside Manner," and "Blue Comedy Cafe." In 1999, he released an album featuring his versions of timeless classical pieces by Bach titled "In The Name Of Bach." The following year, he released a sequel titled "Steel String Bach." In 2001, Masi formed a full band once again, featuring vocalist Michaels, drummer Paul Marangoni, and bassist Greg Young. Together, they recorded the remarkable album "Eternal Struggle."