Alisha Tkachenko-Dzhepparova

Alisha Tkachenko-Dzhepparova

President of the Miss Fashion Universe beauty contest, editor of TOPCITY magazine
Date of Birth: 03.10.1986
Country: Ukraine

Biography of Alisha Tkachenko-Dzhepparova

Alisha Tkachenko-Dzhepparova is the President of the international beauty pageant "Miss Fashion Universe" and the national competition "Miss Fashion Ukraine". Known for her delicate charm and powerful energy, she has achieved success through constant movement and striving forward. In an interview, Alisha once said, "I was interested in how successful people achieved their success, and I realized that there are no laws of success - there is only desire, ambition, and action."

Alisha Tkachenko-Dzhepparova

Under her presidency, the "Miss Fashion Universe 2016" beauty contest, held in the Emirates, recently concluded. Alisha described the event as vibrant and unforgettable, thanks to their partners, including the fashionable Armani hotel, the Burj De couture boutique chain, renowned stylists from Dubai, and professional photographers. The preparation for such a grand event took several weeks, and Alisha expressed her satisfaction with the results, as all the girls performed admirably and received well-deserved titles.

Alisha is also the editor of the magazine TOPCITY, which organizes interesting projects for beautiful girls. One of these projects, "Goddesses of Ukraine," finished its first season in spring. Alisha, an energetic beauty, initiated the project, which allowed the girls to choose a Greek goddess image and present it in the magazine's pages with the help of beauty and style professionals. For some of these young beauties, participating in this project became a stepping stone in their modeling careers.

Apart from her work, which she considers a hobby due to her creative and emotional approach, Alisha has many interests and activities. She leads an active lifestyle, enjoys choreography and gymnastics, and actively participates in choreographic performances and fashion shows for beauty contests. The girls she works with on these events simply adore her for her unwavering character, sense of humor, and friendly attitude.

In addition to all these abilities, Alisha possesses the talent of a singer, with her stage pseudonym being Amali. It is on stage that she fully expresses herself, inspiring the audience with her emotional, tender, and mischievous performances. It is likely that she will continue to delight audiences with her beautiful songs, as she has a powerful potential and charisma.

Charity is an integral part of the beautiful president's life. Alisha believes that one does not need to be wealthy to do good. Everyone can contribute a little to make the lives of those in need easier. Beauty pageants always participate in charitable projects and social programs, as it is a worldwide norm. Alisha specifically helps sick children, ensuring she contacts their parents first to avoid falling prey to scammers. She prefers to keep this part of her activities away from the media's attention, but it exists nonetheless.

We would like to wish our heroine continued success in her creative work. The biggest victories and accomplishments are surely yet to come for this young woman.