Alvero Bautista

Alvero Bautista

Spanish motorcycle racer
Date of Birth: 21.11.1984
Country: Spain

  1. Biography of Alvaro Bautista
  2. Introduction
  3. Early Life and Passion for Motorcycles
  4. Professional Career
  5. Ups and Downs
  6. World Champion
  7. MotoGP and Superbike Career
  8. Conclusion

Biography of Alvaro Bautista


Alvaro Bautista is a Spanish motorcycle racer and the World Champion of the 125cc class in 2006. He was born in Talavera de la Reina, Spain, in 1984.

Alvero Bautista

Early Life and Passion for Motorcycles

At the age of three and a half, Alvaro started his journey in the world of motorcycles. He sat behind the handlebars of a motorcycle with his father, and from that moment on, his life became closely connected to bicycles and motorcycles. Instead of playing games, he would spend his days in the garage, constantly tinkering with them. His passion quickly led to success, and at the age of nine, he won a race in the Minimoto class in 1993. The following year, he became the "Vice-Champion of Madrid" despite competing against much older participants, securing the second-place position.

Alvero Bautista

Professional Career

In the next season, Alvaro's career continued to flourish. He became the champion of Madrid in his category and transitioned to a motorcycle with a 50cc engine. With the opportunity to participate in more professional races, Alvaro achieved 6th place in the "Aprilia Cup." In 1998, he improved his performance but faced tough competition from Jorge Lorenzo and Joana Olive, who prevented him from moving beyond third place. Several months later, Alvaro finished 5th overall in the "Movistar Activa Cup," which paved the way for him to become a reserve rider for the "Movistar Junior Team" in 2000.

Alvero Bautista

Ups and Downs

Alvaro's professional career officially began in 2001 when he signed a contract with the "Belart Yamaha" team. However, due to insufficient sponsorship leading to the team's withdrawal from the championship mid-season, Alvaro had to switch to another club. In 2002, under the guidance of experienced rider Manuel Morente, Alvaro participated in the Spanish Championship, the European Championship, and the World Championship in the 125cc class. The following season marked his victory in the Spanish Championship as part of the "Seedorf Racing" team. However, due to internal team problems after they signed a contract with Honda, which Alvaro did not favor, he decided to leave.

Alvero Bautista

World Champion

The most successful year in Alvaro's career was undoubtedly 2006. He crossed the finish line first eight times, solidifying his position as the World Champion. In the following year, he remained with the "Aspar Aprilia" team but moved to the 250cc class. Although he won two significant races, a series of serious injuries prevented him from becoming the absolute champion in this class, and he finished in fourth place overall.

MotoGP and Superbike Career

In 2010, Alvaro joined the Rizla Suzuki team and made his debut in the MotoGP class, finishing 13th in the general standings. His best results were two fifth-place finishes in Catalonia and Malaysia. He continued with the team in 2011, again finishing 13th.

In 2019, Alvaro transitioned from MotoGP to Superbike. In his first race in Australia, he won all three races, becoming the first rider since 2007 to win their debut Superbike race, following in the footsteps of Max Biaggi.


Alvaro Bautista's career as a motorcycle racer has been filled with determination and success. From an early age, his passion for motorcycles propelled him to numerous victories and ultimately led him to become a World Champion. Despite facing challenges and injuries along the way, Alvaro's dedication to his craft continues to drive him forward in the world of Superbike racing.