Anatoliy Vdovichenko

Anatoliy Vdovichenko

Thai prisoner
Date of Birth: 29.10.1953
Country: Ukraine

  1. The Story of Anatoliy Vdovichenko: A Ukrainian in Thai Captivity
  2. Arriving in Thailand
  3. Escape and Discovery
  4. Life in Captivity
  5. A Glimmer of Hope
  6. Freedom and Future
  7. Conclusion

The Story of Anatoliy Vdovichenko: A Ukrainian in Thai Captivity

Anatoliy Vdovichenko, a Ukrainian native, spent 14 years in captivity in the suburbs of Bangkok, Thailand. In an interview with "Segodnya" magazine, he shared his harrowing experience of how he ended up in Thailand, the nightmares of his captivity, the dangerous owner, and why he cannot return home immediately.

Arriving in Thailand

Anatoliy Vdovichenko arrived in Thailand in 1996 for a business trip, invited by the company "Kombitex Corporation," which was an agent for selling oxygen equipment from the Odessa plant "Kislorodmash." However, a few months later, his passport was taken away, and he was deprived of his earnings. He was unable to return home, as his owner promised to pay off his debts and threatened to take away everything or imprison him for life if he tried to escape. He had no means of communicating with his family or seeking help from Ukrainian diplomats.

Escape and Discovery

After several years of captivity, Anatoliy's situation changed when his Burmese co-workers, whom he had befriended, managed to contact his family and initiate the process of his release. Local journalists learned about his story and shed light on his situation through articles and news segments. Thanks to the media attention, Ukrainian diplomats became aware of Vdovichenko's case and successfully freed him from captivity.

Life in Captivity

During his 14 years in captivity, Anatoliy endured physical and psychological abuse. His owner, Mr. Satta Pansak, withheld his passport, refused to pay him the agreed-upon wages, and subjected him to threats and intimidation. Anatoliy worked at oxygen factories that operated 24/7, producing oxygen for medical and industrial purposes. He lived in isolation, cut off from the outside world and had limited means of communication.

A Glimmer of Hope

Anatoliy's life took a turn when his daughter, Marina, managed to contact him. This unexpected phone call brought him a sense of relief and renewed hope. It also led to the involvement of Ukrainian authorities, who worked towards his rescue. However, Anatoliy's owner, Pansak, initially resisted returning his passport and the owed wages.

Freedom and Future

With the assistance of Ukrainian diplomats and Thai authorities, Anatoliy regained his passport and part of the money owed to him. However, his fight for full compensation and justice continues. Anatoliy hopes to return to Ukraine soon, reunite with his family, and start anew. He dreams of enjoying the simple pleasures of Ukrainian cuisine, reconnecting with loved ones, and leaving the nightmare of his captivity behind.


Anatoliy Vdovichenko's story serves as a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of faith. Despite enduring unimaginable hardships, he never lost hope and persevered through his ordeal. His story also highlights the importance of media attention and the support of diplomatic channels in securing the release of individuals held captive in foreign countries. Anatoliy's courage and resilience serve as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges abroad, reminding them to never give up and to believe in the possibility of a better future.