Andre Van Duin

Andre Van Duin

Dutch comic stage actor, singer, writer and television program creator
Date of Birth: 20.02.1947
Country: Netherlands

  1. Biography of Andre van Duin
  2. Early Life and Career
  3. Television and Theater Career
  4. Film Career
  5. Music Career
  6. Personal Life

Biography of Andre van Duin

Andre van Duin is a Dutch comedic theater actor, singer, writer, and television program creator. He was born Adrianus Marinus Kyvon on February 20, 1947, in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Andre Van Duin

Early Life and Career

From the age of 15, Andre Van Duin sent letters to all radio stations in the country, seeking auditions. He also had a talent for impersonating celebrities, which he used to entertain people. However, he was repeatedly rejected due to his young age. In 1964, at the age of 17, Andre was noticed when he won the talent competition "Nieuwe Oogst" organized by AVRO, the main radio broadcasting association in the Netherlands. In 1965, he appeared on the show "Een avondje TV met Andre" and released his first two singles.

Andre Van Duin

Television and Theater Career

Starting from 1967, Andre van Duin regularly appeared on Dutch television and became a student of the comedy theater group 'Snip & Snap's'. He worked tirelessly to master the craft of a comedic artist. In the 1970s, he created his own revue with two senior colleagues, Frans van Dusschoten and Corrie van Gorp. Their performances were broadcasted on TROS channel, and in 1975, Van Duin won a prestigious national television award for 'Dag Dag Heerlijke Lach'.

In 1972, he started his radio program 'Dik Voormekaar Show' on Radio Noordzee Internationaal, NCRV, and TROS. Unexpectedly, he brought their technician, Ferry de Groot, into the performances, who became a very successful and popular character named Meneer de Groot. The show aired until 2009.

In the early 1990s, Van Duin switched to the commercial channel RTL and created a series of popular TV shows from 1993 to 1999. After 18 years with RTL, he happily returned to his favorite channel TROS in 2009 and prepared new episodes for 'Dik Voormekaar Shows'.

Film Career

In 1972, Andre Van Duin made his debut as a serious actor, playing a recruit in the film "Het Meisje Met De Blauwe Hoed." In 1981, he played the lead role in the film "Ik ben Joep Meloen," which he conceived and directed. The film received excellent reviews upon its release. The following year, Van Duin worked on the film "De Boezemvriend," which featured many celebrities but did not achieve success. Due to his preference for creating television programs, he did not return to the film industry.

Music Career

Andre Van Duin, a talented singer, recorded numerous songs that became national hits. He had 41 singles in the 'Dutch Top 40' chart, with 22 reaching the top ten and three reaching the number one spot. He also had 29 albums charting, with seven of them reaching the top ten.

Personal Life

In September 2009, Andre Van Duin received the 'Gouden Eeuw Award' from the 'Nederland Positief' foundation for his contribution to the development of Dutch television. Currently, his friend and colleague, Ferry de Groot, is writing his biography. Van Duin has been openly gay and had a long-term relationship with Wim van der Pluym. They separated in the 1990s, and shortly after, Van der Pluym passed away. On December 23, 2006, Andre Van Duin entered into a registered partnership with Martin Elferink.