Andrey Bulgakov

Andrey Bulgakov

Fighter pilot
Date of Birth: 20.09.1920
Country: Ukraine

  1. Biography of Andrey Bulgakov
  2. Exceptional Valor in Combat
  3. Post-War Service and Legacy

Biography of Andrey Bulgakov

Andrey Panteleevich Bulgakov was born on September 20, 1920, in the hamlet of Korenek, now in the Gubkinsky District of the Belgorod Region, in a peasant family. He received a basic education. In 1940, he was drafted into the ranks of the Red Army. A year later, he graduated from the Chuguev Military Aviation Pilot School, and later the regional courses for squadron commanders of the Air Force in 1942. He joined the active army in August 1943.

Exceptional Valor in Combat

Andrey Bulgakov distinguished himself particularly in the spring of 1944, during the battles on the Kovel direction. Hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel-General of Aviation F.P. Polynin recalls: "In the April battles, the fighter pilots demonstrated great skill. Lieutenant A.P. Bulgakov, who arrived with us just a month ago, distinguished himself from the first days. While patrolling above our front line, he noticed a sudden emergence of a group of enemy bombers from the clouds. There were several dozen of them. With a swift attack, he shot down a Ju-87. On his second approach, he disabled the second "Junkers" with smoke. To finish it off, our fighter pilot had to gain altitude. At that moment, his plane was hit by a projectile fragment, and the engine stalled. But Bulgakov, diving sharply, managed to catch up and shoot down the enemy aircraft. With great difficulty, he managed to cross the frontline and land the plane."

Lieutenant Bulgakov flew on a plane donated to the Red Army by collective farm worker Grigory Mikhailovich Kozyrev from Dvurechensky District, Kharkov Region. After the battle, the pilot wrote to him: "Dear Grigory Mikhailovich! You entrusted me with your gift - a plane that you purchased for the Red Army with your savings. When handing over the machine, you told me: 'Son, act as necessary.' I am acting..." Bulgakov then described in detail how he shot down two German bombers.

By January 1945, Andrey Panteleevich Bulgakov became the deputy commander of the 265th fighter aviation regiment (336th fighter aviation division, 3rd Air Army, 1st Baltic Front). Senior Lieutenant A.P. Bulgakov completed 182 combat sorties, engaged in 39 aerial battles, personally shot down 18 enemy aircraft, and 1 balloon-observer. On August 18, 1945, he was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union for his courage and military valor demonstrated in battles with the enemy.

Post-War Service and Legacy

In total, Andrey Bulgakov completed 229 successful combat sorties and engaged in 41 aerial battles. After the war, he continued his service in the Air Force. In 1945, he graduated from the Higher Officer School for Squadron Commanders. From 1954, Lieutenant Colonel A.P. Bulgakov served in the reserves. He lived in the city of Kolomna, Moscow Region, where he worked as an inspector for the prevention department of the Kolomna Fire Brigade. Throughout his service, he was awarded the Orders of Lenin, the Red Banner (three times), Alexander Nevsky, the Patriotic War of the 1st degree, and various medals. He passed away on April 24, 1981.