Angus Young

Angus Young

Permanent lead guitarist and songwriter of the legendary Australian rock band AC/DC
Date of Birth: 31.03.1955
Country: Australia

Biography of Angus Young

Angus Young, the iconic lead guitarist and songwriter of the legendary Australian rock band AC/DC, was born in Cranhill, Glasgow. He grew up alongside his older brothers Malcolm, George, and Alex, who would also later become musicians. Angus started playing guitar at the age of five, borrowing a guitar from a local friend. He made his first guitar out of a banjo that was lying around his parents' house. Young didn't take guitar seriously until his family moved to Australia in 1963. It was there that he received his first real guitar, a Gibson SG, after seeing it in a friend's catalog. Prior to that, he played on an old Hohner guitar that he inherited from his brother Malcolm.

Angus Young

Before joining AC/DC, Young played in a local band called Kentuckee. Contrary to popular belief, Angus never worked as a printer at the soft porn magazine Ribald, as stated in many AC/DC biographies. According to Angus himself, he worked as a printer for a weekly magazine whose office constantly relocated. Angus and Malcolm Young formed AC/DC in 1973. The initial lineup included Angus on lead guitar, Malcolm on rhythm guitar, Colin Burgess on drums, Larry Van Kriedt on bass guitar, and Dave Evans on vocals.

Angus Young

Young developed his signature schoolboy image after playing with the band for some time. Rumor has it that he simply didn't have time to change between school and band rehearsals, so he would show up to rehearsals in his school uniform. However, by 1973, Angus had already left school. In reality, Angus despised school, and when he left and joined AC/DC, Malcolm asked each band member to come up with their own image. Angus's sister, Margaret, suggested he wear a school uniform. This was during the glam rock era, where costumes were an essential part of rock performances. Before settling on the "schoolboy" image, Angus experimented with various other costumes, such as Spiderman, Zorro, a gorilla, and a Superman parody called "Super-Ang." However, these images didn't stick, unlike the "schoolboy" image. It should be noted that to fit this image, the press and fans were told that Angus was born in 1959, not 1955.

Angus Young

Angus Young is widely known for his wild antics on stage. He entertains the audience by jumping around and running back and forth while playing the guitar. When Bon Scott was still alive and singing for AC/DC, Angus would often climb onto his shoulders during concerts, and they would make their way through the crowd together. Angus would have smoke coming out of the backpack on his back while he played an extended guitar solo, usually during the song "Rocker."

Later on, Angus created his own version of the "duck walk," originally invented by his idol Chuck Berry, and the "spasm," where he would fall to the floor, kicking his legs, shaking, spinning around, all while continuing to play the guitar. Young came up with the "spasm" when he had a gig at a small club in Australia and accidentally tripped over a cord while soloing. He played it off as a seizure, making the audience think it was part of the show. Since then, the "spasm" has become his signature move.

Angus Young's energetic playing style has influenced many young guitarists. His work with AC/DC has had an impact on a wide range of bands, from Guns N' Roses and Def Leppard to younger artists like Jet and You Am I. Young himself claims to have been influenced by Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, and other blues and rock 'n' roll performers.

In recognition of his contribution to music, Angus Young received the Kerrang! Legend Award from the magazine's editor, Paul Brannigan, in August 2006. AC/DC was referred to as "one of the most important and significant rock bands in history." In 2009, Angus was included in Classic Rock magazine's list of the greatest guitarists of all time. In May 2012, he was named the greatest Australian guitarist of all time according to a poll conducted by the Australian magazine "Guitar."

Angus primarily used Gibson SG guitars in various models (his original and main one being the Gibson SG 1968). He was rarely seen with another guitar, although he also owned Telecasters, Gibson Firebirds, and ES335 models. When AC/DC performed a jam version of "Rock Me Baby" with the Rolling Stones in 2003, he played a Gibson ES-335, which was one of the few times he performed without the Gibson SG.

As for amplifiers, Young mainly used Marshall amps (JTM45, JTM50, JMP50, and Superlead) along with some Wizard amps. His main amplifier is the JTM45, which he uses both live and in the studio. Angus Young's energetic stage presence and unique guitar playing style have left an indelible mark on the music industry. He continues to inspire and entertain audiences around the world with his electrifying performances.