Anna Avstriyskaya

Anna Avstriyskaya

Fourth wife of King Philip II of Spain.
Date of Birth: 02.11.1549
Country: Spain

Biography of Anna of Austria

Anna of Austria was the fourth wife of King Philip II of Spain. She was born as the eldest daughter of Emperor Maximilian II and his wife Maria of Spain, who was the daughter of Emperor Charles V. Initially, she was intended to marry Don Carlos, the heir to the Spanish throne, just like Philip II's third wife, Elisabeth of Valois. However, Don Carlos unexpectedly died on July 24, 1568. In the same year, on October 3, Elisabeth of Valois also passed away due to complications from childbirth. As a result, King Philip II was left without a wife and an heir to the throne.

In 1570, Anna arrived in Madrid accompanied by her brothers Albert and Wenceslaus, who stayed in Spain to receive an education at the royal court. On September 12, 1570, Philip II married Anna in Segovia. She was his niece, as her mother was the king's sister. In 1571, she gave birth to their first child, Ferdinand. However, out of the five children she bore, only the fourth, Philip, survived to adulthood and eventually became King Philip III of Spain.

In 1580, Anna and Philip II traveled to Portugal to assert their rights to the Portuguese throne after the death of King Henry I, who left no heirs. They reached Badajoz, where the king fell seriously ill with the flu. While taking care of her husband, Anna also contracted the flu and passed away at the age of thirty.

- Ferdinand (1571-1578)
- Carlos Lauretius (1573-1575)
- Diego (1575-1582)
- Philip III (1578-1621) - King of Spain
- Maria (1580-1583)