Aodhan Cullen

Aodhan Cullen

Internet entrepreneur
Country: Ireland

  1. Biography of Aodhan Cullen
  2. The Rise of Web Analytics

Biography of Aodhan Cullen

Aodhan Cullen is an Irish entrepreneur in the field of information technology and the CEO of the company 'StatCounter', which specializes in internet traffic analysis. He founded 'StatCounter' at the age of 16, and the 'StatCounter' application now monitors 3 million websites and tracks over 10 billion page loads per month. Users of the program can determine the number of visits to their page, the geographical location of visitors, the keywords used to search the site, and more. The basic version of the program is available for free, but additional services range from $9 to $119 per month.

Currently, the company is based in Dublin, Ireland, where Cullen and his wife Jenni Cullen also reside. His net worth is estimated to be at least $26 million. The number of users of the application created by Aodhan Cullen has long surpassed 2 million. While Cullen does not discuss the income of his private company, he mentioned in interviews that there are approximately 1,500 new users registered daily.

Born in 1983, Cullen registered in 1999 and became the leader of a major company that his resource had transformed into. He received the 'Young European Entrepreneur of the Year' award from 'Businessweek', which is given to young European entrepreneurs under the age of 25. The CEO of 'StatCounter' surpassed other contenders, directors of companies such as 'JT International' and 'Wakoopa' from Amsterdam.

The Rise of Web Analytics

Web analytics, an industry that rapidly grew until the dot-com crash in 2000 and then fell out of favor, has once again become a promising occupation. Several years ago, it was already a half-billion-dollar market, and experts predicted that it would double in size. Indeed, major players such as (OMTR) from Orem, Utah, grew by over 50% at that time.

In 2008, Cullen was awarded the 'Golden Spider Award', which gathered over 700 representatives from the internet community to celebrate the achievements of their colleagues and industry peers. The judges unanimously awarded Aodhan the '2008 Internet Hero' prize.