Arthur Guinness

Arthur Guinness

Irish brewer and philanthropist
Country: Ireland

  1. Arthur Guinness: An Irish Brewer and Philanthropist
  2. The Beginnings of Guinness Brewing
  3. Family and Personal Life
  4. Contributions and Legacy
  5. Conclusion

Arthur Guinness: An Irish Brewer and Philanthropist

Arthur Guinness, an Irish brewer and philanthropist, was the founder of the company Arthur Guinness Son & Co, which brews the famous Guinness beer. Born in 1724 or early 1725, the exact date and place of his birth remain a matter of debate among historians. However, Guinness's tombstone in Oughterard, Ireland indicates that he passed away on January 23, 1803, at the age of 78.

The Beginnings of Guinness Brewing

In 1752, at the age of 27, Guinness inherited 100 pounds from his grandfather, Archbishop Price. With this inheritance, he embarked on developing his brewing business. In 1755, Guinness leased 4 acres of land in the village of Leixlip, located 17 kilometers from Dublin. On this land, he established a small brewery and started brewing and bottling beer under the Guinness brand. It was in 1759 that Guinness began brewing the iconic dark stout beer that would later become world-famous.

Family and Personal Life

In 1761, Arthur Guinness married Olivia Whitmore, with whom he had a total of 21 children. Ten of their children survived into adulthood, and three of their sons eventually became brewers themselves. In 1764, Guinness relocated to Dublin, where he built a house in the northern part of the city. During the 1780s and 1790s, Guinness supported the political views of Henry Grattan, primarily due to Grattan's proposal to reduce the tax on brewing.

Contributions and Legacy

Arthur Guinness was one of the four brewers representing Dublin in the Irish Brewers' Guild from the 1760s until his death. His entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to quality brewing, and philanthropic endeavors left a lasting legacy. Guinness beer would go on to become an internationally recognized brand, and the Guinness family's involvement in philanthropy would continue for generations.


Arthur Guinness, an Irish brewer and philanthropist, made significant contributions to the brewing industry through the establishment of his company, Arthur Guinness Son & Co. His dedication to brewing quality beer and his involvement in philanthropic endeavors have left a lasting impact on both the industry and society. Arthur Guinness's legacy lives on through the continued success of the Guinness brand and the charitable efforts of the Guinness family.