Augustine Webster

Augustine Webster

Holy Roman Catholic Church, monk
Country: Italy

  1. Biography of Augustine Webster
  2. Role as Prior
  3. Imprisonment and Martyrdom
  4. Canonization and Legacy

Biography of Augustine Webster

Augustine Webster, a Roman Catholic monk and martyr, was born in England. He received his education at the University of Cambridge and later became a member of the Carthusian Order, a monastic order within the Roman Catholic Church.

Role as Prior

Webster served as the Prior of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Epworth, a Carthusian monastery located in Lincolnshire, England. He dedicated his life to prayer, contemplation, and the spiritual guidance of his fellow monks.

Imprisonment and Martyrdom

In 1531, during the reign of King Henry VIII and at the command of Thomas Cromwell, Webster was imprisoned for refusing to take an oath of allegiance to the English monarch. Despite facing threats and persecution, he remained steadfast in his loyalty to the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church.

Tragically, Webster was executed for his religious beliefs, becoming a martyr for his faith. His unwavering commitment to his convictions serves as an inspiration to believers around the world.

Canonization and Legacy

In recognition of his martyrdom, Augustine Webster was canonized by Pope Paul VI in 1970 as one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales. This group of English and Welsh Catholics who were executed for their faith during the Protestant Reformation is remembered and celebrated by the Catholic Church.

The feast day of Augustine Webster and the other Forty Martyrs of England and Wales is observed on October 25th in the Catholic Church. Their courage and sacrifice continue to inspire and serve as a testament to the power of faith.