Auto Shankar

Auto Shankar

Indian serial killer
Date of Birth: 21.01.1954
Country: India

  1. Biography of Auto Shankar
  2. Investigation and Arrest
  3. Confessions and Controversies
  4. Convictions and Escape
  5. Execution
  6. Auto Shankar was hanged in Salem Central Prison.

Biography of Auto Shankar

Auto Shankar, also known as Shankar, was an Indian serial killer who was convicted of six murders committed between 1988 and 1989. The bodies of the victims were either burned or buried inside residential houses.

Investigation and Arrest

In late 1988 and for about six months, nine teenage girls went missing from the Thiruvanmiyur area in the city of Chennai. Initially, investigators believed that the girls had been sold into prostitution by their own families who were unable to provide dowries for their marriage. However, all the relatives vehemently denied such claims, forcing the investigation to take a different direction.

In late December, a schoolgirl named Subalakshmi claimed that a three-wheeler taxi driver, named Shankar, had attempted to abduct her in front of a wine shop. Undercover detectives working in the cellar of a local wine shop discovered rumors that the driver named Shankar was disposing of bodies by cremating them in the Bay of Bengal.

The next morning, the police apprehended the suspect, who quickly became known as Auto Shankar. On May 31, 1991, he and his accomplices, Eldin and Shivaji, were sentenced to death.

Confessions and Controversies

During the trial, Shankar allegedly claimed that watching certain movies had turned him into a devil. However, a month before his execution, Shankar told journalists that he had kidnapped the girls for the pleasure of influential politicians. After the clients bought and raped them, Shankar simply disposed of the victims.

K. Vijay Kumar, the Assistant Chief of Police in Tamil Nadu, stated that movies were solely responsible for Shankar's actions. He made these remarks during a seminar on "Crime and Media" in Kerala.

Convictions and Escape

In 2002, five of Shankar's accomplices, his brothers Mohan and Selva, as well as prison wardens Kannan, Balan, and Rahim Khan, were sentenced to six months of imprisonment for conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

Mohan, later found guilty of six murders, received three life sentences. He escaped from Chennai Central Prison in August 1990 but was recaptured in Pune on June 25, 1992.


Auto Shankar was hanged in Salem Central Prison.