Pop group
Country: Ukraine

  1. The Biography of Aviator
  2. A Promising Start
  3. Talented Musicians and Songwriters
  4. Andrey's Love for Cinema
  5. Igor's Dream of Becoming a Pilot
  6. Dima's Adventurous Spirit
  7. Meeting the Fans

The Biography of Aviator

A Promising Start

The three handsome guys, Igor, Dima, and Andrey, didn't become popular overnight. It took them a whole two days. The first lucky day in their lives can be considered the day when each of them separately participated in the program "Chance". Despite all three of them ending up as outsiders in the contest's finale, another fateful day occurred in their lives - the day they came up with the group "Aviator". Events unfolded swiftly from then on.

Talented Musicians and Songwriters

It turned out that all the members of the new collective could play multiple musical instruments, write their own songs, and had very pleasant voices and appearances. Their first hit, "Vozvraschaysya" (Come Back), which was written for the guys by Arthur Zheleznyak, showed how much Ukraine needed a boy band. The song immediately soared to the top of the charts on the country's leading radio stations and music channels.

Andrey's Love for Cinema

Andrey is a true fan of movies. His favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio, and his favorite film is "The Aviator".

Igor's Dream of Becoming a Pilot

Igor is a lover of airplanes and has dreamed of becoming a pilot since childhood. He recently started attending pilot courses and has set up a steering wheel and a computer program for pilots at his home. He dreams of owning his own plane - an expensive pleasure, but Igor is determined to make his dream come true no matter what.

Dima's Adventurous Spirit

Dima is a fan of the sky, a dreamer who skydives and a professional musician. He is a true daredevil.

Meeting the Fans

Many Ukrainian girls dream of winning the program "Karaoke on Maidan" (Karaoke in the Square). Even more Ukrainian girls dream of getting into the program "Chance". However, all of this is not necessary to get to know the new idols - the group "Aviator", the guys with whom all the above-mentioned things happened once. Stay tuned for the debut album of "Aviator" this fall. An album for true romantics and fans of the sky.