Baldassare Galuppi

Baldassare Galuppi

Italian composer
Date of Birth: 18.10.1706
Country: Italy

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Biography of Baldassare Galuppi

Baldassare Galuppi, also known as "Il Buranello" (1706–1785), was an Italian composer. He was born on October 18, 1706, on the island of Burano near Venice. Galuppi was a renowned performer on the keyboard and a composer of works for this instrument, but his greatest success came from his compositions in the genre of Italian comic opera.

Success and Recognition

Galuppi's name is known in English-speaking countries through Robert Browning's poem "Galuppi's Tochata," which, however, describes an imaginary music rather than one of the three well-known toccatas by the Italian composer. From 1765 to 1768, Galuppi served as the court Kapellmeister in St. Petersburg. He directed court performances and concerts, composed music for Orthodox worship, and taught music (one of his students being the prominent Russian composer of the pre-classical era, Dmitry Bortniansky).


Baldassare Galuppi passed away on January 3, 1785, in Venice. His contributions to Italian comic opera and his skills as a keyboardist continue to be recognized and celebrated in the music world. Despite being best known for his operatic works, Galuppi's diverse musical talents and his time spent teaching and composing in St. Petersburg left a lasting impact on the Russian classical music scene. His influence can still be heard in the works of composers who followed in his footsteps.