Bob Feller

Bob Feller

American baseball player
Date of Birth: 03.11.1918
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Bob Feller
  2. Early Life
  3. Professional Career
  4. Service in World War II
  5. Return to Baseball
  6. Later Life

Biography of Bob Feller

Bob Feller was an American baseball player who played in the American Major League Baseball. He was considered a baseball prodigy, winning 24 games before his 21st birthday. Over his 14-year career, he established himself as one of the fastest pitchers of his time.

Bob Feller

Early Life

Robert Feller was born and raised in Van Meter, Iowa. His father was a farmer and his mother was a teacher and nurse. Feller began playing baseball at a young age, starting with playing catch with his father and then playing in the nearby town. He showed exceptional abilities early on, throwing impressive curveballs at the age of 8 and throwing balls over 80 meters by the age of 9. Recognizing his son's talent, Feller's father allowed him to focus more on training by relieving him of some household chores.

Bob Feller

Feller believed that his regular farm duties, such as milking cows and harvesting crops, gave him extraordinary physical strength. At the age of 10, Feller started playing in American Legion Baseball matches in the nearby town. A year later, his father built a baseball field on their farm. Feller and his friends formed a team called the 'Oakviews', where he initially played as a batter and later transitioned to the position of a pitcher at the age of 15. He also played as a pitcher for his school's baseball team.

Bob Feller

Professional Career

By the age of 16, Feller had become a professional player, attracting scouts from top teams in the country. He soon signed his first contract with the Cleveland Indians. On July 19, 1936, Feller made his debut in Major League Baseball. Just a month later, on August 23, he was included in the starting lineup, showcasing impressive skills that surpassed many more experienced players. His career was thriving until the outbreak of World War II.

Service in World War II

Shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Feller volunteered for the Navy. He initially served at the Norfolk Naval Base in Virginia, where he trained other soldiers and continued to play baseball. Feller's ultimate desire was to experience real combat, which came true in November 1943. By that time, he had already lost his father to brain cancer in January 1943 and got married. Feller's participation in active combat ended in January 1945, and he spent the remainder of his service at a training base in the Great Lakes.

Return to Baseball

On August 22, 1945, Feller left the Navy and returned to the Cleveland Indians. Fans had not forgotten the exceptional player, and attendance at the Indians' games significantly increased. Feller continued to deliver outstanding performances. In 1948, the Indians became champions of the World Series, although Feller's contribution to the victory was minimal. He played for the Cleveland Indians until the end of the 1956 season.

Later Life

On December 28, 1956, Feller retired from professional baseball. However, he remained involved in the sport and was elected president of the Major League Baseball Players Association in the same year. In 1971, Feller divorced his first wife and later remarried. He passed away on December 15, 2010, due to complications from leukemia.