Brandon Brus Lee

Brandon Brus Lee

Actor, son of famous martial artist and actor Bruce Lee
Date of Birth: 01.02.1965
Country: USA

Biography of Brandon Bruce Lee

Brandon Bruce Lee was an actor and the son of the famous martial artist and actor Bruce Lee. His untimely death during filming echoed the tragedy of his father's death twenty years earlier. Brandon's death, under similar circumstances, caused shockwaves in the film industry. Once again, rumors of the Lee family curse resurfaced, first appearing after the passing of his father. There were also rumors that Brandon's death was the result of a Triad revenge, a Chinese mafia believed to have been responsible for his father's demise.

Born on February 1, 1965, in Oakland, California, USA, Brandon Lee showed an astonishing resemblance to his father. Bruce Lee started teaching Brandon kung fu at the age of three, and by five, he was already walking on his hands and kicking up to his father's chin. Friends were afraid to visit him as the sounds of battle cries, strikes, and bodies hitting the ground were constantly heard in his backyard. Like his father, Brandon struggled to adapt to school rules and was expelled for his provocative behavior and fights. Knocking out his school principal and engaging in confrontations with the local police for reckless motorcycle riding, breaking all traffic rules, were the final straws that led to his transfer to another college. However, Brandon didn't stop there. What frustrated him the most was being seen only as the son of a deceased celebrity. His friends from college remembered him as introverted, tense, aggressive, dressed in torn jeans, a black bandana, and rugged work boots.

After graduating from Emerson College, Brandon studied at the Strasberg Academy, where he continued to hone his acting skills. He then began to appear on small theater stages while still attending the academy. It was during this time that he discovered his immense talent as an actor. He dreamt of playing one of the most challenging psychological roles - to portray the tormented soul of Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark. Brandon set the bar of acting excellence for himself at an unprecedented height. However, his fate as a celebrity child awaited him - either give up his dream or spend his entire life proving that he could reach those heights on his own, without relying on his family name.

At the start of his short career, Brandon Lee was convinced he would become a dramatic actor. However, the only genre available to him was one firmly associated with his father's name - action films. It was in this genre that Lee Jr. was meant to showcase his skill and talent. He made his debut in 1986 in the television film "Kung Fu: The Movie." That same year, he starred in his first feature film, "Legacy of Rage." This was followed by films such as "Showdown in Little Tokyo" (1991) and "Rapid Fire" (1992), which brought Brandon Lee true fame. His excellent athletic form, muscular physique, and martial arts prowess guaranteed him good roles. Unfortunately, "Rapid Fire" turned out to be the last film he completed. Brandon Lee didn't have the chance to measure his talent and fame against his father's; their equality was sealed only by death. At the age of 28, Brandon Lee died on the film set.

The tragic and bizarre death of the superstar could not go without investigation. The investigation was conducted with extreme thoroughness. All the circumstances of the case were examined, and the film footage was analyzed in great detail. The ill-fated revolver was dismantled "down to the molecular level." It turned out that not all precautions were taken during the preparation of the gun, and a live round ended up among the blanks. Although the final verdict was pure accident, many still had questions. Why, for example, was Brandon not provided with a bulletproof vest? If the script required him to be shot at close range, he should have been equipped with one. Why did the bullet still hit Lee, even though everyone advised the "villain" to aim away from the actor? Why was there no weapons specialist present on set during filming? Was it just a chain of coincidences? These questions continue to haunt the minds of Brandon Lee's fans.

After Brandon's death, the producers brought in a stunt double for the remaining scenes and utilized cutting-edge computer technology. However, the moment of his death was not used in the film and was destroyed instead. The movie, "The Crow" (1994), generated immense interest due to its tragic history. Its success was overwhelming. The soundtrack became a hit, and it grossed over 50 million dollars in the United States alone. This incredibly violent, dynamic, and perhaps the most famous science fiction action film in cinematic history achieved cult status even before its completion, becoming a unique tribute to Brandon Lee's artistry.