Brian Harvey

Brian Harvey

English musician and lead singer of the pop group “East 17”
Date of Birth: 08.08.1974
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Brian Harvey
  2. Unique Vocal Style and Collaboration
  3. Departure and Return to "E-17"
  4. Solo Career and Personal Life

Biography of Brian Harvey

Brian Harvey is an English musician and lead vocalist of the pop group "East 17." Born in Walthamstow, London, Brian initially worked in a company that dealt with the control and cleansing of sewage pipes before pursuing a career in music. He was originally intended to be a backup singer and dancer but quickly rose to the position of lead vocalist after his singing was accidentally heard by music agents during a studio recording.

Brian Harvey

Unique Vocal Style and Collaboration

Brian's singing style can be described as a unique blend of R&B and American new jack swing, with a vocal tone reminiscent of Craig David. His exceptional vocal abilities earned him the position of the group's main member, a role he shared with the creator of "East 17," Tony Mortimer, who was a poet, songwriter, instrumentalist, rapper, and singer. Throughout their collaboration, Brian and Tony often had disputes over various matters, ranging from the correct style of performing songs to public behavior.

Brian Harvey

Departure and Return to "E-17"

These disagreements eventually led the group to a crossroads – whether to pursue a spiritual pop/hip-hop style (Tony's preferred genre) or R&B (which was more aligned with the other band members). Tony eventually left the group, leaving Brian as the sole lead vocalist. However, Brian was later expelled from the group after giving a series of nonsensical comments during a radio interview, which was later revealed to be a result of drug intoxication. However, Brian returned to the group when they rebranded themselves as "E-17."

Solo Career and Personal Life

After his time with "E-17," Brian Harvey signed a contract with "Edel Records" as a solo artist. He became one of the few British musicians to collaborate with Jean Wyclef and his record label, "Refugee Allstars." Brian also appeared on the fourth season of the reality show "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!" but left after an argument with Janet Street-Porter. His time in the jungle was not enjoyable, and he especially complained about hunger.

Brian had a romantic relationship with actress Daniella Westbrook before dating dancer Natasha Carnegie, whom he later married and had a daughter named Tiigen. His last known relationship was with model Emma B, which ended in 2007. In May 2005, Brian was diagnosed with clinical depression and was hospitalized after an unsuccessful suicide attempt.