Mutya Buena

Mutya Buena

English singer and songwriter
Date of Birth: 21.05.1985
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Mutya Buena
  2. Early Life
  3. Music Career with Sugababes
  4. Life After Sugababes
  5. Solo Career
  6. Later Career
  7. Current Endeavors

Biography of Mutya Buena

Early Life

Mutya Buena, whose full name is Rosa Isabel Mutya Buena, was born on May 21, 1985, in Kingsbury, London. She comes from a Filipino background, and her name translates to "muse" or "beloved" in Filipino. Mutya has five brothers and two younger sisters. She currently resides in Kingsbury with her family.

Mutya Buena

Music Career with Sugababes

Mutya Buena gained fame as a member of the popular pop group "Sugababes." The original lineup of the group consisted of Mutya, her friends Keisha Buchanan and Siobhan Donaghy. Mutya and Keisha had been friends since school, while she met Siobhan in 1998 in a studio. After signing a contract and releasing their first record, the group became one of the most successful British female collectives in history, second only to the "Spice Girls." They achieved four platinum albums, six chart-topping singles, a BRIT Award, and a platinum-selling album called "Greatest Hits."

Mutya Buena

Life After Sugababes

In December 2005, Mutya left the group due to illness. Keisha Buchanan, the last remaining original member, departed in September 2009, and the group continued with an entirely new lineup. After leaving Sugababes, Mutya collaborated with various music producers and artists, including Amy Winehouse, George Michael, and the dance music group "Groove Armada."

Mutya Buena

Solo Career

Mutya began working on her debut album in early 2006 after signing a new contract with her former record label, Universal Island Records. Her first single, a duet with George Michael called "This Is Not Real Love," was released in November 2006. It reached the top twenty in the UK charts and was included in George Michael's "Greatest Hits" album. Mutya embarked on a tour with George Michael in London and Manchester. Her debut album's title track, "Real Girl," was released in early 2007 and became a big hit in the UK, peaking at number two on the national charts. The album itself entered the top ten in the UK but received mixed reviews from critics and fans.

Later Career

Mutya performed at the "V-Festival" in August 2007 and released her third single, "Song 4 Mutya (Out of Control)," a collaboration with the dance duo "Groove Armada." The song received positive reviews and reached eighth place in the UK charts. Her fourth release from the album, "Just a Little Bit," only reached sixty-fifth place. Mutya then had a brief creative alliance with Amy Winehouse.

Current Endeavors

On October 12, 2008, Mutya's contract with her record label was terminated due to poor sales. She made appearances on television for some time, but she is currently working on a new music project.