Carmen Blanche Silvera

Carmen Blanche Silvera

British actress and comedian
Date of Birth: 02.06.1922
Country: Great Britain

  1. Carmen Blanche Silvera: Biography
  2. Evacuation during World War II
  3. Early Career and Training
  4. Television and Film
  5. Personal Life and Legacy

Carmen Blanche Silvera: Biography

Carmen Blanche Silvera (June 2, 1922 – August 3, 2002) was a British actress and comedian. Born in Canada, Carmen had a mixture of Spanish and Jewish blood running through her veins. She moved to Coventry, England with her family as a child.

Carmen Blanche Silvera

Evacuation during World War II

During World War II, Silvera was evacuated to Montreal. She narrowly escaped death during the evacuation as the ship she was supposed to be on was sunk by enemy forces. Luckily, she was removed from the passenger list at the last moment, sparing her from sharing the fate of the 350 children who perished with the ship.

Carmen Blanche Silvera

Early Career and Training

In Canada, Carmen took dance lessons at the 'Ballet Russes' and even participated in three productions by the company. Upon returning to Britain, she felt a desire to pursue acting. She began her journey by enrolling in the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. She gained practical experience in a local theater.

Television and Film

Silvera gained television recognition in the 1960s with the British police drama 'Z Cars'. She then appeared in the BBC soap opera 'Compact' from 1964 to 1965. In 1978, she played Miss Van Schuyler in the production of 'Lillie'. Carmen also made two appearances in the cult English science fiction series 'Doctor Who' and had a role in the comedy project 'Dad's Army'. She showcased her talent on stage in the musical 'That's Showbiz' at the New Wimbledon Theatre in 1997, alongside Ted Rogers. She also performed on West End in 'Waters of Moon' with Ingrid Bergman, 'Hobson's Choice' with Penelope Keith, and in Peter Hall's productions of 'A Coat of Varnish' and 'School for Wives'.

Personal Life and Legacy

In 1990, Silvera became the main character in the television program 'This Is Your Life'. Apart from her career in stage, film, and television, Carmen dedicated a significant amount of time to charitable activities as a member of the 'Grand Order of Lady Ratlings', the female branch of the 'Grand Order of Water Rats'.

Throughout her life, Carmen was a devoted smoker. Unfortunately, this habit led to her death at the age of 80 from lung cancer.