Caroline Humboldt

Caroline Humboldt

Daughter of the President of the Prussian Court of Justice
Date of Birth: 23.02.1766
Country: Germany

  1. Caroline von Humboldt: A Woman of Intellect and Influence
  2. A Life of Cultural Connections
  3. The Humboldt Palace in Tegel

Caroline von Humboldt: A Woman of Intellect and Influence

Caroline von Humboldt, the daughter of Karl Friedrich von Dacheröden, the president of the Prussian Court, and wife to Wilhelm von Humboldt, was regarded as one of the most intelligent and emancipated women of her time. She possessed an excellent understanding of ancient and classical arts, making her a perfect companion for her husband Wilhelm. From a young age, Caroline was friends with Charlotte von Lengefeld, who would later become the wife of Friedrich Schiller.

A Life of Cultural Connections

Caroline first met her future husband Wilhelm in the salon of Henriette Herz, and they were married on June 29, 1791. Together, they lived in Paris, Vienna, and Rome, where their home quickly became a hub for the cultural elite. In Rome, Caroline maintained connections with German artists residing there, providing them with support and acquiring their artworks.

The Humboldt Palace in Tegel

The Humboldt Palace in Tegel, Berlin, also became a literary salon, attracting prominent individuals, statesmen, scholars, and writers. Caroline von Humboldt played a central role in creating an intellectual and social atmosphere in the palace, where great minds gathered to exchange ideas and engage in discussions. Her influence extended beyond the walls of the palace, as she actively participated in the cultural and artistic spheres of her time.