Changyin and Changping Shen

Changyin and Changping Shen

Chinese serial killers and cannibals
Country: China

  1. Chinese Serial Killers and Cannibals
  2. The Killing Spree

Chinese Serial Killers and Cannibals

Shen Changyin (born 1979) and Shen Changping (born 1983) were Chinese serial killers and cannibals. From June 2003 to August 2004, they killed 11 prostitutes and consumed their livers. They were assisted in their criminal activities by Li Chunling and three other women.

The Killing Spree

The Shen brothers started their hunt for prostitutes in June 2003 in Lanzhou, Gansu, China. Their first victim was Yao Fang. They lured her into their home, bound her, and demanded the access code to her bank account. After obtaining the information, they strangled and dismembered her. In late November 2003, the brothers targeted Li Chunling using the same method as they did with Yao. However, this time they did not kill her. Li promised to bring them new victims instead. A few days later, Li lured another prostitute to the Shen brothers' home. The woman was robbed and then killed at Li's urging. The Shen brothers carved out one of her kidneys, burned the remains with sulfuric acid, and disposed of them in the sewer.

Using a similar modus operandi, the Shens and Li killed three more victims before relocating to Taiyuan, Shanxi in April 2004. Here, they found a new accomplice, Zhao Meiying, who was forced to bring them another prostitute and personally kill her. The brothers destroyed the body using strong chemicals and disposed of it in the sewer. Soon, luck changed for the Shens as Zhao surrendered to the police, and Li was arrested. However, this did not deter the brothers from continuing their bloody spree. They expanded their crimes to Hefei, Anhui; Baotou, Inner Mongolia; and Shijiazhuang, Hebei. It was in Shijiazhuang that the Shens were finally arrested, along with their accomplice Du Surong. The killers were caught in the act of destroying another body using powerful acid.

The Shens confessed to the murder and robbery of 11 women, driven to their crimes by the bankruptcy of their auto repair shop. It was later discovered that the brothers had also killed a man in their hometown of Nanwu, Henan, in 1999, before being forced to flee the city.

In September 2005, the Shens and Li were sentenced to death, while the other accomplices received 20-year prison terms.