Charles Brush

Charles Brush

American inventor and industrialist
Date of Birth: 17.03.1849
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Charles Brush
  2. Inventions and Achievements
  3. Awards and Recognition
  4. Legacy and Death

Biography of Charles Brush

American inventor and industrialist Charles Brush was born on March 17, 1849 in Euclid, Ohio. He attended schools in Cleveland, Ohio and graduated from the University of Michigan in 1869. Brush initially worked as a chemist and later became involved in the sales of hardware products.

Inventions and Achievements

From a young age, Brush had a keen interest in electric machines and conducted experiments with them. In 1876, he invented a dynamo machine that generated high-voltage direct current, which served as a precursor to modern electrical generators. He also created the electric arc lamp and an accumulator battery.

Brush installed his lamps in one of the largest department stores in Philadelphia and in 1879, he organized street lighting in Cleveland. By 1880, he had expanded his street lighting project to New York City. By 1882, Brush's lamps illuminated the streets of cities across America.

In 1880, Brush Electric Company was established, which later merged with Edison Company and several smaller firms to form the foundation of General Electric Corporation in 1891.

In 1905, Brush founded Lind Air Production, a company that produced oxygen from liquefied air and developed a new design for a vacuum gauge.

Awards and Recognition

In 1899, Charles Brush received the B. Rumford Medal from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Legacy and Death

Charles Brush passed away on June 15, 1929 in Cleveland. He left behind a legacy as an influential inventor and industrialist, whose inventions and contributions to the field of electricity continue to impact the world today.