Charlotte Helen Dolby

Charlotte Helen Dolby

British singer, contralto
Date of Birth: 17.05.1821
Country: Great Britain

Biography of Charlotte Dolby

British singer, contralto and composer, Charlotte Dolby, was a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music in 1837, where she studied under Domenico Crivelli. In 1841, she made her first appearance in a Philharmonic concert. In 1845, she performed at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, where she made a great impression on Felix Mendelssohn, who had intended to write a contralto part for her in his oratorio "Elijah". However, Dolby only debuted in this role a year later in Birmingham.

In 1860, Dolby married the violinist Prosper Senton. In 1870, she retired from her singing career and dedicated herself to teaching and composition. Dolby's cantatas, including "The Legend of St Dorothea" (1876), "The Story of the Faithful Soul" (1879), and "Florimel" (1885), enjoyed certain success.