Christophe Gilbert

Christophe Gilbert

Legendary photographer
Country: Belgium

Biography of Christopher Gilbert

Christopher Gilbert is a legendary photographer and one of the most renowned advertising photographers in the world. He is also known as the most secretive photographer, as no information about his personal life can be found. Despite his mysterious nature, Gilbert remains one of the most significant contemporary photographic artists.

Christopher was born in 1962 and currently resides in Belgium. He is a self-taught photographer, although he had the opportunity to work as an assistant for a car photographer in his youth, which proved to be invaluable experience for him. Later, when he began working independently, Christopher decided to specialize in advertising photography. He was fascinated by the process of creating advertising images - starting with discussions with art directors, setting a goal, and then incorporating the artistry to convey an idea to viewers and consumers. He is also known as the coolest 'photo retoucher' photographer. Indeed, the manipulation that Gilbert performs with his images is sometimes simply astonishing.

By the way, once you start looking at his collection, it is impossible to tear yourself away. Each of his photographs has a specific storyline that can be easily guessed - there is no overly elaborate surrealism in Gilbert's works. Even someone who is not familiar with the world of photography can understand, after just a few images, that Christopher Gilbert is probably one of the most brilliant photographers in the world.

Most likely, his works have already been seen by many, as they are widely circulated on the internet. For example, his iconic photograph of a tree with a mighty trunk made up of intertwined human bodies, or his equally famous car-themed compositions. Each of Gilbert's photographs is an experiment, and the main focus in his images is the ideas.

Among Gilbert's clients are companies with global names. However, he himself remains one of the most enigmatic and secretive figures. Perhaps Christopher Gilbert is right - instead of promoting his own persona, he creates ingenious photographic works that will bring him more fame than any sensational details about his personal life.