Dan Scanlon

Dan Scanlon

Date of Birth: 21.06.1976
Country: USA

  1. Director Dan Scanlon: Monsters in Their College Years
  2. The Inspiration for a Prequel
  3. Exploring the Backstory
  4. A Shift in Setting
  5. Collaboration with Actors
  6. The Creative Process
  7. The Message of the Film

Director Dan Scanlon: Monsters in Their College Years

Dan Scanlon is a renowned director known for his work on the animated film "Monsters University," which serves as a prequel to the 2001 film "Monsters, Inc." The film takes place in the city of Monstropolis, inhabited by monsters of various types and sizes. In a meeting with correspondent from "Izvestiya," Scanlon shared his thoughts on the film and its characters.

The Inspiration for a Prequel

When asked about his involvement in the original film "Monsters, Inc.," Scanlon revealed that he joined Pixar Studios a month after its release. He was captivated by the original world created in the film, with its humor and positive emotions. While Pixar films are often considered self-contained, Scanlon explained that over time, they would begin to miss certain characters and wonder what could happen to them. This led to the decision to create a prequel for the monsters.

Exploring the Backstory

Scanlon discussed the challenge of creating a prequel when the audience already knew how the story would end. In "Monsters, Inc.," the two main characters are monsters Mike and Sulley. However, in the prequel, Scanlon wanted to focus more on Mike. By delving into his past, the film explores why he had a fear-driven ambition to become famous. The exploration of fear as a basic emotion in psychology intrigued Scanlon.

A Shift in Setting

The first film primarily took place at the main factory of the city, where fear was harvested. For the prequel, Scanlon wanted to shift the setting to a university and a college dormitory to break away from clichés and introduce more youthful humor. He believed that college life was an interesting and relatable topic, even for a more mature audience, as it is a formative period for individuals to discover themselves.

Collaboration with Actors

Scanlon praised the American voice acting talent involved in the film, particularly Helen Mirren, who he felt embraced the experience and learned from her fellow actors like Billy Crystal. He admired individuals who continually set new challenges for themselves, regardless of age or position.

The Creative Process

Scanlon revealed that many great ideas had to be sacrificed during the film's production. The team had to choose the best jokes and humor, sometimes replacing them with even better ones. The story was the most challenging aspect of directing the film, as they had to explore various interpretations and versions to find the best one.

The Message of the Film

Ultimately, "Monsters University" reminds people to never stop searching for what can bring them happiness. It encourages individuals to continue exploring and striving for their dreams, even in the face of setbacks.