Dana Pounds

Dana Pounds

American track and field athlete, 2008 Olympic participant
Date of Birth: 05.06.1984
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Dana Pounds
  2. Early Life and Education
  3. Successes and Olympic Journey

Biography of Dana Pounds

Dana Pounds, a talented American athlete, is an outstanding track and field athlete and a champion of the United States. Her sport is javelin throwing. Recently, Dana arrived in Beijing to participate in the 2008 Olympics as a member of the national team. Her coach is the experienced trainer and specialist, Scott Irving.

Early Life and Education

Dana Pounds was born on June 5, 1984, in Fort Lauderdale. Currently, she resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. From a young age, Dana wanted to participate in sports. She enrolled at Westminster Academy, a high school where she excelled not only in javelin throwing but also in discus throwing and indoor shooting. Additionally, Pounds was passionate about basketball, softball, and track. She was recognized as one of the best athletes in the history of Westminster Academy.

After graduating from the academy, Dana Pounds attended the US Air Force Academy. In 2005, she achieved excellent results in various competitions, gaining attention not only from the audience but also from experts. Pounds became the NCAA champion and the runner-up in the national championship of America in open competitions. In the same year, she had a series of brilliant performances at high-level tournaments, including a victory in Fort Collins, a gold medal at the Des Moines tournament, and the highest step on the podium at the Tempe competition.

In the following year, the track and field athlete repeated her successful results at the NCAA and national championships, and additionally won the MWC tournament. Finally, in 2007, at the national championship of the United States, Dana Pounds deservedly won the gold medal by surpassing the world record holder in javelin throwing, Kim Kreiner, by one centimeter. This victory served as a great motivation for the young athlete. She also performed well at the World Athletics Championships. After participating in the championship, Dana achieved another important victory at Mt. SAC.

Successes and Olympic Journey

For Dana Pounds, the year 2008 turned out to be quite successful. Prior to the start of the Olympic Games in Beijing, the track and field athlete had already won a prestigious tournament in Tucson. Currently, Dana is preparing for the Olympic competition. She hopes to achieve good results in Beijing and showcase her skills on the international stage.