Dany Verissimo

Dany Verissimo

French actress and model
Date of Birth: 27.06.1982
Country: France

  1. Biography of Dany Verissimo, French Actress and Model
  2. Early Career and Adult Film Industry
  3. Transition to Mainstream Film
  4. Modeling Career

Biography of Dany Verissimo, French Actress and Model

Dany Verissimo, born as Dany Malalatiana Terence Peti on June 27, 1982, in Vitry-sur-Seine, department of Val-de-Marne, France, is a French actress and model. Her mother is Malagasy and her father is a financial director of the airline company 'Air France'. Verissimo spent her childhood in France, the United States, and Nigeria.

Dany Verissimo

Early Career and Adult Film Industry

Due to disagreements with her stepfather, Verissimo left home and attempted to break into the film industry to become an actress. Her acting career began with roles in pornographic films. From the age of eighteen and a half, Verissimo collaborated exclusively with director John B. Root in adult films. She worked under the name Elli McTyana, a variation of the character Ellie MacBiel from a television series.

Dany Verissimo

As a porn actress, Verissimo appeared in films such as 'Ally'; the comedy porn 'French Beauty' in 2001, where she played the role of Benedicte Etienne; and 'Xperimen'. She was also a model for the website Explicite.com.

Transition to Mainstream Film

After marrying Rodolphe Verissimo and taking his surname, Dany Verissimo stopped appearing in scenes with men but continued to work in the "soft porn" industry under the name Elli Verissimo. In 2002, she made her first appearance in a non-erotic role. She played a guest at a party in the French fantasy film 'So Long Mister Monore' by Eric Dahan, as well as participated in an episode of the police television drama 'Brigade des mineurs'.

In 2004, Verissimo joined the ensemble cast for the role of Lola in the crime-fantasy action film 'District 13' directed by Pierre Morel. Luke Besson, the producer and screenwriter of the film, specifically wrote the character Lola for Dany. It was through her performance in 'District 13' that she gained international recognition.

In 2005, Verissimo divorced her husband. In May 2006, the magazine 'ELLE' named her one of the most promising new actresses. In the same year, she portrayed the character of Belkis in the film 'Avida' by Alain Rob-Grillet. The film was showcased out of competition at the Venice Film Festival in September 2006. Verissimo also appeared in films such as 'La taupe 2', 'Shot List', 'Les princes de la nuit', and 'Angèle et Tony'.

Modeling Career

In addition to her acting career, Verissimo also works in the modeling industry. She served as the face of Pierre Guidi's fall-winter 2008 collection.