Debbie Cunningham

Debbie Cunningham

American jazz singer
Date of Birth: 15.08.1965
Country: USA

  1. Debbie Cunningham: A Soulful and Elegant Jazz Singer
  2. A Journey into Jazz
  3. A Stellar Lineup
  4. A Velvet Voice

Debbie Cunningham: A Soulful and Elegant Jazz Singer

Debbie Cunningham, an American jazz vocalist, has been hailed by her devoted listeners as soulful, romantic, elegant, and refined. Born on August 15, 1965, in Massachusetts, Cunningham grew up in Central Pennsylvania and has been residing in the Nashville area for the past nineteen years. Currently, she is involved in promoting and marketing her debut album.

Debbie Cunningham

A Journey into Jazz

Cunningham studied classical music at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was during this time that she crossed paths with jazz pianist Barry Sames, who relentlessly pursued her to try her hand at jazz. After two decades, Cunningham finally succumbed to Sames' persistence and decided to embark on a journey in the world of jazz. Their collaboration resulted in a release that blended an eclectic mix of jazz standards, pop melodies, and the Brazilian sounds of bossa nova. This debut album, titled 'The Rest of Your Life,' was released in 2006 and harmoniously and professionally combined themes of love and romance.

A Stellar Lineup

For the recording of 'The Rest of Your Life,' Cunningham enlisted the talents of renowned individuals such as Roberta Flack, Buddy Rich, Harry Belafonte, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Ben Vereen. Barry Sames was in charge of the piano, Lee Smith played the bass, and Mike Boone handled the second bass guitar. Trumpeter John Swana and Brazilian guitarist Leandro Fortes, along with Venezuelan percussionist Marlin Simon, were specially invited musicians for the album. The unique sound of the album was further enhanced by the inclusion of saxophone, clarinet, and vibraphone, which added a chill-out element to the music.

A Velvet Voice

Cunningham's voice can be described as polished and velvety, a result of years of experience honing her craft. "I have always believed that forming a strong connection with the audience is a key aspect of a successful artist's life," says Cunningham. "I love bringing happiness to people's lives through music. We live in stressful times, and through my songs, I provide an opportunity to relax and alleviate that pressure. I offer a place where one can find pleasure and escape from the world for an evening."

Debbie Cunningham's debut album 'The Rest of Your Life' is a magnificent CD that should be enjoyed in a relaxed state, reclining in a chair with a glass of wine. With her captivating vocals and intimate delivery, Cunningham creates a musical experience that is sure to touch the hearts of her listeners and provide a momentary respite from the demands of everyday life.