Derrick Todd Lee

Derrick Todd Lee

American serial killer
Date of Birth: 05.11.1968
Country: USA

  1. The Biography of Derrick Todd Lee
  2. Crimes and Capture
  3. Trial and Conviction
  4. Imprisonment

The Biography of Derrick Todd Lee

Derrick Todd Lee, also known as the "Baton Rouge Serial Killer," gained his infamous reputation after killing at least 7 women in Baton Rouge and Lafayette, Louisiana, between 1992 and 2003. He was born in 1968 in St. Francisville, Louisiana, USA.

Derrick Todd Lee

Crimes and Capture

Lee's crimes included various methods of killing, but they all shared two similarities: he would take the victims' mobile phones, and the murders were all committed near Louisiana State University (LSU). Two bodies were found in Whiskey Bay, 30 miles from Baton Rouge.

The search for Lee coincided with the search for another serial killer, Sean Vincent Gillis, who operated in the same area during the same time. Lee was eventually apprehended in Atlanta, Georgia, but he refused extradition and was brought back to Baton Rouge.

Trial and Conviction

Lee was convicted in August 2004 for the murder of Geralyn DeSoto, who was found dead in her home in Addis, Louisiana, with multiple stab wounds. Initially, the police suspected her husband, but further investigation pointed towards Lee. Despite his attempts to feign insanity, Lee was held accountable for his actions and faced trial.

IQ tests revealed that Lee's intellectual abilities did not indicate high intelligence, but that did not absolve him of his crimes. Among his victims was Charlotte Murray Pace, a graduate student at LSU who was found raped and murdered on May 31, 2002.


Currently, Derrick Todd Lee is incarcerated in the death row cell at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, Louisiana. In 2008, the federal court upheld his death sentence.