Diana Svigilisky

Diana Svigilisky

Chilean journalist and revolutionary
Date of Birth: 15.02.1950
Country: Chile

  1. Biography of Diana Swigiliski
  2. Forced into Underground
  3. Arrest and Torture
  4. Disappearance

Biography of Diana Swigiliski

Diana Swigiliski was a Chilean journalist and revolutionary, known for her involvement in the Left Revolutionary Movement. She was a member of the editorial board of the movement's information publication. However, her life took a dramatic turn after the military coup in Chile.

Forced into Underground

Following the coup, Diana Swigiliski was forced to go into hiding and become part of the underground resistance against the new regime. She dedicated herself to disseminating information and organizing protests against the oppressive government.

Arrest and Torture

On November 18, 1974, Diana Swigiliski's underground activities caught the attention of the agents from the National Intelligence Directorate. She was arrested and taken to Villa Grimaldi, a notorious detention center known for its brutal torture methods.


During her time at Villa Grimaldi, Diana Swigiliski was subjected to torture, particularly by Miguel Krasnov, an infamous torturer. Unfortunately, after the torture sessions, she mysteriously disappeared. Her fate remains unknown, and she has been considered "disappeared" ever since.

Diana Swigiliski's life serves as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by journalists and activists in oppressive regimes. Her bravery and determination to fight for justice and truth continue to inspire others to this day.