Donald Bain

Donald Bain

American writer and literary black
Country: USA

  1. American Writer and Literary Figure
  2. Fictional Glamorous Memoirs
  3. "Murder, She Wrote" Series

American Writer and Literary Figure

Donald Bain is an American writer and literary figure who has written over 80 books throughout his 40-year career. He is a graduate of Purdue University in Indiana and has received several literary awards. Bain is also a professional jazz musician and songwriter.

Fictional Glamorous Memoirs

Bain became known in the English-speaking world for supposedly co-writing a series of fictional glamorous memoirs with two fictional flight attendants, Trudy Baker and Rachel Jones. These memoirs included salacious details about the lives of flight attendants. In 1973, a made-for-television movie was released based on the first book in this series.

"Murder, She Wrote" Series

Bain is more well-known to Russian-speaking readers for his translated works from the "Murder, She Wrote" series, which he purportedly co-wrote with Jessica Fletcher.