Douglas Campbell

Douglas Campbell

American botanist
Date of Birth: 19.12.1859
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Douglas Campbell
  2. Education and Career
  3. Memberships and Recognitions

Biography of Douglas Campbell

Douglas Campbell was an American botanist who specialized in the sexual reproduction of mosses and ferns. He was also the author of several summaries on various topics in plant geography, ranging from ecological plant geography to historical phytogeography in the light of mobilism ideas.

Education and Career

From 1878 to 1882, Douglas Campbell studied botany at the University of Michigan. In 1886, he obtained his Ph.D. degree and traveled to Germany to further his studies.

In 1888, Campbell became a professor at Stanford University, where he taught until 1891 when he was appointed as the head of the Department of Botany. His expertise and contributions to the field of botany led to his election as the president of the American Botanical Society in 1913.

Memberships and Recognitions

Douglas Campbell was a member of several prestigious organizations, including the National Academy of Sciences of the United States, the Linnean Society, the German Botanical Society, the International Association of Botanists, and the American Philosophical Society. His remarkable achievements and contributions have earned him recognition and respect within the scientific community.