Eddy Chepman

Eddy Chepman

Date of Birth: 16.11.1914
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Eddie Chapman
  2. A Criminal Past
  3. Chapman's Plan
  4. Appointment Home
  5. Stuck in the Skies
  6. Operation Zigzag
  7. Putting the Criminal Past Behind

Biography of Eddie Chapman

A Criminal Past

Eddie Chapman was born in Northern England, a 32-year-old man with a tough and collected appearance. He began his "career" as an ordinary thief but soon gained a reputation as a high-class safecracker known throughout London. His criminal activities almost got him caught red-handed at one point, forcing him to flee to the Channel Islands. However, in 1940, Germany occupied the Channel Islands, providing Chapman with an opportunity to regain his freedom.

Chapman's Plan

In December 1942, Eddie Chapman completed an intensive 14-month training program and became a German spy. However, he had a bigger plan in mind - he intended to become a double agent. Chapman devised a complex plan to convince the Nazis that he wanted to be a German spy, as they believed he had plenty of reasons to hate Britain.

In October 1941, the Germans sent Chapman to a spy school for further training. He kept his plan to himself, intending to escape to Britain at the first opportunity and offer his services as a double agent in exchange for amnesty for his previous crimes.

Appointment Home

The Germans were delighted to have recruited such a valuable agent and never suspected that Chapman intended to deceive them. They helped him escape from prison and arranged for him to be parachuted into England. His mission was to report on the situation in Britain and engage in sabotage activities.

Chapman's German instructor, Colonel von Gruner, sympathized with his protege. "Fritz," as von Gruner called him, reluctantly handed Chapman a small pill, saying it was poison to be used if he ever got captured.

Stuck in the Skies

Chapman meticulously prepared for his flight and boarded a small two-seater plane that would take him home. However, there were only seats for the main and second pilots, so Chapman had to lie on the floor. The flight was exhausting and uncomfortable, with the constant noise and cold. As they approached England, their plane came under fire from ground anti-aircraft guns. Chapman felt extremely uncomfortable as shells exploded around their tiny aircraft.

Chapman looked down through a gap in the hatch cover on which he lay. Suddenly, the pilot tapped him on the head, signaling that they had reached their destination. The hatch opened, and Chapman began to fall. Unexpectedly, his fall stopped abruptly as his parachute backpack got stuck in the hatch opening.

Frantically struggling, Chapman tried to free himself. Ahead, the plane's engine roared deafeningly. Below, he could see the distant land passing by at great speed. Then, Chapman felt a push in the back. The pilot had given him a kick. Chapman was sent hurtling downwards. His parachute deployed, and the former thief-turned-spy quietly landed in a field in Eastern England.

Operation Zigzag

Chapman faced the most challenging task yet - reaching a police station on his own. If he were captured before reaching the authorities, no one would believe his story. Eddie Chapman found himself in the police station of the small town of Littleport, laying all his belongings on the table in front of astonished policemen.

He was escorted to the headquarters of the British intelligence service, where he underwent a thorough interrogation. Fortunately, the information he provided convinced them that he was telling the truth. Chapman was given a new code name, "Zigzag," and was approved to work as a double agent. As he had hoped, all his past criminal activities were forgiven. Presented with a choice

Chapman worked tirelessly, sending false information to Germany and orchestrating sabotage acts carefully planned by British intelligence. However, there was a catch. If he stayed in Britain, the Germans would suspect him of treason, and his life would be in grave danger. But if he returned to Germany, he might never be sent on a mission to England again.

Despite the risks, Chapman decided to return. In May 1943, he boarded a ship bound for Portugal. There, he met with his German contact, and the meeting went smoothly. No one suspected him. To his surprise, he received a raise in pay and was awarded the Iron Cross for bravery. Chapman had to undergo further training, learning how to carry out sabotage on submarines and how to photograph classified documents. He also had to memorize detailed descriptions of British military technologies, which the Nazis were eager to learn more about.

Putting the Criminal Past Behind

In the summer of 1944, Eddie Chapman received a new assignment. Once again in Britain, he provided valuable information to British intelligence about the enemy's methods while simultaneously sending false information to Germany. However, when British authorities learned that Chapman had already divulged his adventures to half of London's criminals, they deemed him highly unreliable from a security standpoint. Chapman was quietly dismissed from the secret service.

Nevertheless, Chapman was not disheartened. Now he could focus on building a personal life and starting his own business. Perhaps now, he would no longer face trouble with the police.