Eduardo Saverin

Eduardo Saverin

Internet entrepreneur and investor, founder of the social network Facebook
Date of Birth: 19.03.1982
Country: USA

Biography of Eduardo Saverin

Eduardo Saverin is an internet entrepreneur and investor, best known as one of the co-founders of the social networking site Facebook. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Saverin grew up in a wealthy Jewish family. His father was an industrialist involved in export, clothing, transportation, and real estate. However, the family faced security concerns due to potential kidnapping threats, which led them to relocate to Miami, Florida in the United States.

Eduardo Saverin

Saverin attended the private school Gulliver Preparatory School before continuing his education at Harvard University. At Harvard, he was a member of the prestigious Phoenix S.K. Club and served as the president of the Harvard Investment Association. Saverin took advantage of weak controls on the sale of Brazilian securities and managed to amass a fortune of $300,000 through investments in the oil industry.

In 2004, during his first year at Harvard, Saverin met Mark Zuckerberg, a sophomore at the time. Together, they collaborated on the creation of a social networking site for Harvard students, which eventually became known as Facebook. Saverin took on the role of the company's CFO and business manager. However, as Facebook expanded to other universities and gained popularity, conflicts between Saverin and Zuckerberg arose, resulting in a reduction of Saverin's influence within the company.

The conflict between Saverin and Facebook reached its peak when his ownership stake in the company was diluted. Saverin filed a lawsuit against Facebook, but the case was settled out of court. The terms of their agreement were not disclosed, but Saverin's name was reinstated as one of the co-founders of Facebook. Following the settlement, Saverin signed a non-disclosure agreement.

In 2010, the film "The Social Network" was released, depicting the relationship between Saverin and Zuckerberg, from the creation of Facebook to the legal dispute between them. The role of Saverin was portrayed by actor Andrew Garfield, who received critical acclaim for his performance, earning nominations for various awards.

As of 2012, according to Forbes, Saverin owned less than five percent of Facebook's shares and had a net worth of $2 billion. In 2009, he became a resident of Singapore and renounced his U.S. citizenship in order to reduce his tax liabilities as a Facebook shareholder. This decision led to the proposal of the "Ex-Patriot Act," which would prohibit Saverin from reentering the United States.

Eduardo Saverin's journey from a wealthy upbringing in Brazil to becoming a co-founder of Facebook and a successful investor showcases his entrepreneurial spirit and determination.