Edward Hardwicke

Edward Hardwicke

British actor
Date of Birth: 07.08.1932
Country: Great Britain

Biography of Edward Hardwicke

Edward Hardwicke, a British actor, was born in London in 1932. He came from a family of renowned English actors, with his father being Sir Cedric Hardwicke and his mother, Helena Pickard, an actress. Edward had a familiar experience on film sets as a child, spending some of his early years in Hollywood where his father often filmed. It was in Hollywood that he made his first appearance on screen with a small role as a schoolboy in the fantasy war drama "A Guy Named Joe." After completing school in England, Hardwicke served in the Royal Air Force before enrolling in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

As a professional actor, he performed in various theaters and troupes, including Bristol and Oxford Playhouse. In 1964, he joined the National Theatre company under the direction of Laurence Olivier. Throughout his career, Hardwicke appeared in numerous classical and contemporary plays such as "Othello," "Uncle Vanya," "The Idiot," and "An Ideal Husband." Notably, he played the role of Arthur Winslow in the play "The Winslow Boy" in 2001, a role previously portrayed by his father in a film adaptation fifty years earlier. This touching moment of continuity was greatly appreciated by Edward Hardwicke.

In addition to his theatrical work, Hardwicke had a prolific career in film, often taking on episodic or supporting roles. He appeared in over sixty films, including "Venom," "Let Him Have It," "Shadowlands," "Richard III," "Elizabeth," "Enigma," and Roman Polanski's "Oliver Twist." He gained some recognition in the early 1970s through the series "Colditz," which depicted the lives of British prisoners of war during World War II, where he portrayed Captain Pat Grant.

However, his most notable role came in 1986 when he took on the role of Dr. Watson, the faithful assistant to the legendary Sherlock Holmes, in the British television series "The Return of Sherlock Holmes." The iconic detective was played by Jeremy Brett in the adaptation. Hardwicke inherited the character from David Burke, who left the project after two seasons. The series gained popularity and ran until the mid-1990s, ending due to Brett's death. Hardwicke's portrayal of the polite, composed, and quintessentially English gentleman Watson was highly successful. Interestingly, Hardwicke and Brett also played their wonderful duo on stage in the play "The Secret of Sherlock Holmes."

Edward Hardwicke's most recent acting project was the 2007 series "Fanny Hill." He resides in France, Normandy, with his wife. One of his two daughters, Claire Hardwicke, followed in his footsteps and became an actress, performing at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and appearing in several films.