Elifasi Msomi

Elifasi Msomi

South African serial killer.
Country: South Africa

  1. Biography of Elifasi Msomi
  2. Early Life and Connection with Tokoloshe
  3. Reign of Terror
  4. Arrests and Escapes
  5. Collaboration with Authorities
  6. Trial and Execution

Biography of Elifasi Msomi

Elifasi Msomi, also known as the 'Axe Murderer', was a South African serial killer. He was born in KwaZulu-Natal province and committed a series of murders in the Umkomaas and Umzimkulu valleys.

Early Life and Connection with Tokoloshe

Elifasi, a member of the Zulu tribe, aspired to become a traditional healer or sangoma in his youth but was unsuccessful. In his quest to gain more knowledge about this mysterious profession, he sought the guidance of another sangoma. It was during this consultation that he allegedly became connected to an evil spirit known as Tokoloshe.

Reign of Terror

In August 1954, under the influence of Tokoloshe, Msomi embarked on a deadly crusade in the southern valleys of KwaZulu-Natal. Initially, he raped and killed young African girls, often in the presence of his lover. However, his mystical powers failed to impress his companion, who eventually reported him to the police.

Arrests and Escapes

Although Msomi was arrested, his time behind bars was short-lived. He claimed that with the help of Tokoloshe, he was able to escape. Upon regaining his freedom, the failed traditional healer continued his killing spree, taking the lives of five children. However, his luck eventually ran out, and he was arrested for the third time after being caught in a petty theft.

Collaboration with Authorities

During his collaboration with the authorities, Msomi willingly assisted in locating the remains of his victims. Whether he found pleasure in revisiting the scenes of his crimes or was simply trying to appease Tokoloshe remains unclear. In court, he maintained that he was merely a conduit for a powerful evil force. However, experts believed that Msomi was far more intelligent than he appeared and suggested that his motives were rooted in deriving sexual satisfaction from inflicting pain on others.

Trial and Execution

Ultimately, Elifasi Msomi was sentenced to death by hanging. This verdict deeply unsettled the local Zulu community, who were highly superstitious and believed in the existence of Tokoloshe. However, the judge allowed nine tribal elders to witness the execution, ensuring that if the all-powerful evil spirit failed to come to Msomi's aid, their fears would be alleviated.