Emma Shaplin

Emma Shaplin

Singer (coloratura soprano)
Date of Birth: 19.05.1974
Country: France

Biography of Emma Shapplin

Emma Shapplin, a French singer (coloratura soprano), composer, and producer, combines the romance of 19th-century Italian opera with modern electronic rhythms in her work. Born in Paris in 1974, Emma's passion for music began at the age of 11 when she heard the aria "Queen of the Night" from Mozart's "The Magic Flute." Inspired by this experience, she knew she wanted to sing in the same way.

Emma Shaplin

At the age of 14, Emma met a teacher who could help her realize her dreams. Her strong desire to sing soon transformed into an unconventional form: she joined a youth heavy metal band. She later enrolled in a music college, but academic training quickly disillusioned her. Emma found it cold and formal, prompting her to leave for New York. In New York, she sang rhythm and blues, which in a sense required the vocal power of opera. This experience helped her find her own style.

Returning to France, Emma resumed vocal lessons, but this time she had decided that she would not be solely an opera singer. Many thought her performance was in the style of Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli – at the intersection of classical and pop music. Emma Shapplin said, "I think that, unlike Sarah and Andrea, I fully create my show – with special lighting, costumes, and not just singing."

Emma's debut album, "Carmine Meo" (1997), topped music charts in 26 countries and became "gold" in just three months. Her recently released album, "Etterna," solidified her position as a rising star. With three albums, Emma has established herself as a popular singer.

Emma Shapplin's parents, her father a police officer with a love for art and nature, and her mother a court secretary with a passion for art, may have initially found her career path unusual, but she chose it nonetheless. She had to work hard to achieve her success. In addition to her achievements in music, Emma also expressed an interest in becoming a circus performer.

During an interview with our correspondent after her concert at the State Kremlin Palace, Emma Shapplin expressed her love for Moscow and her enjoyment of visiting the Red Square and trying borscht in a Ukrainian restaurant called "Shinok." She mentioned her love for Italian cuisine and a Parisian restaurant called "Little Sicily" that serves spaghetti with clams.

Emma Shapplin has extensive tours planned in Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic countries, and the Netherlands. She expressed her intention to return to Moscow in the future.