Enrique Banuelos

Enrique Banuelos

Founder of Astroc
Country: Spain

  1. Biography of Enrique Banuelos
  2. Early Life and Career
  3. Establishment of Astroc
  4. Other Ventures
  5. Philanthropy and Interests
  6. Personal Life

Biography of Enrique Banuelos

Enrique Banuelos, the founder of "Astroc" company, specializes in real estate. The company was established in 1995, but Banuelos officially became the owner in 2006. In 2007, he assumed the position of company president, but had to step down in July of the same year due to a major scandal related to financial reports.

Early Life and Career

Enrique Banuelos was born in 1965 in Valencia, Spain. He is one of the largest Spanish entrepreneurs and one of the wealthiest individuals in his country. As of the beginning of 2008, his fortune was estimated at $1.3 billion. However, in the previous year, his capital was valued at $6.4 billion, but due to some business failures, he suffered significant losses.

Establishment of Astroc

Enrique Banuelos founded the "Astroc" company in 1995, specializing in real estate. Although he officially became the owner in 2006, his share in the company declined from 50% to 31% after several mergers. Further mergers will result in him owning only 17% of the company's assets. The company's shares had a high value for a long time, but due to scandals regarding financial reports and false declared profits, they sharply declined in price. The company's headquarters are located in Valencia.

Other Ventures

In addition to "Astroc," Enrique Banuelos has a stake in Banco Sabadell, one of the largest banks in Spain. He also owns several luxurious mansions, including one in Valencia, his hometown. However, he spends most of his time in New York, where he owns several luxurious apartments.

Philanthropy and Interests

Enrique Banuelos provides sponsorship to several educational institutions in Spain, including the Institute of Modern Art in Valencia. He also provides financial support to a medical research center that focuses on cardiovascular diseases. Banuelos has a passion for various women's sports and serves as a patron of a women's handball team. Additionally, he is the owner of a private fund that focuses on the restoration of Spain's cultural treasures.

Personal Life

Enrique Banuelos is currently married and has two beautiful children. He plans to acquire several more large mansions in his homeland for his family to build their future lives there.