Flaviy Sever

Flaviy Sever

Roman Emperor in 306-307.
Country: Italy

  1. Flavius Severus Valerius - Roman Emperor in 306-307 AD
  2. Conflict with Maxentius and Siege of Rome
  3. Conflict with Maximianus Herculius and Suicide

Flavius Severus Valerius - Roman Emperor in 306-307 AD

Flavius Severus Valerius was a Roman Emperor who reigned from 306 to 307 AD. He was also known as Flavius Severus II. Born in Illyria, or Dalmatia, Flavius Severus was a favorite of Galerius. On May 1, 305 AD, he was granted the title of Caesar alongside Maximinus Daia, when Galerius and Constantius Chlorus became Augusti. After the death of Constantius Chlorus on July 25, 306 AD, Galerius bestowed the vacant title of Augustus upon Flavius Severus. This elevated Flavius Severus to an equal status with Galerius and made him one of the rulers of the Roman Empire - Galerius ruling the East, and Flavius Severus expected to rule the West.

Conflict with Maxentius and Siege of Rome

However, on October 28, 306 AD, in Rome, Maxentius, the son of Maximianus Herculius, declared himself Emperor with the title of Caesar. Flavius Severus mobilized his forces against the self-proclaimed Emperor and laid siege to Rome. Despite his efforts, Flavius Severus was unable to capture the city and was forced to retreat to Ravenna.

Conflict with Maximianus Herculius and Suicide

In the meantime, Maximianus Herculius, while aiding his son in retaining power, mobilized his forces against Flavius Severus and laid siege to Ravenna. As Ravenna was fortified as strongly as Rome, it was impossible to capture the city. Maximianus devised a cunning plan. His men secretly infiltrated the besieged city and reached Flavius Severus, convincing him that there was a conspiracy against him at court, and that it would be better for him to surrender to the mercy of Maximianus than to fall into the hands of the conspirators. Flavius Severus fell for this trick and surrendered. He was taken to Rome and ordered to take his own life. Faced with a hopeless situation, he committed suicide in April 307 AD.