Francisco Cuoco

Francisco Cuoco

Brazilian actor.
Date of Birth: 29.11.1933
Country: Brazil

  1. Francisco Cuoco - Brazilian Actor
  2. A Rising Star on Television
  3. A Passion for Television
  4. A Family Man

Francisco Cuoco - Brazilian Actor

Francisco Cuoco was born into a modest family of Italian market traders. Initially studying law, he soon switched to the Alfredo Mesquita School of Dramatic Arts to pursue his true calling as a professional actor.

A Rising Star on Television

Cuoco began his acting career in 1963, appearing in television series. Within five years, he gained widespread recognition after portraying the lead role in the longest-running Brazilian television series, "Redemption," which aired for two years and consisted of 596 episodes. This role propelled him to become one of the main "cavaliers" of Brazilian television.

In 1970, Cuoco joined the Globo network and became one of the favorite actors of the channel's main soap opera writer, Janete Clair. He landed leading roles in almost all of Clair's series until her death in 1983. Some of his most memorable performances under Clair's direction include "Stone Forest" (1972, with Regina Duarte), "Wild Money" (1975, with Betty Faria and Lima Duarte), and "The Magician" (1977, with Dina Sfat). The series "Stone Forest" holds the record for television popularity in Brazil, with nearly 100% of viewers watching the final episode.

A Passion for Television

Despite appearing in several successful movies, Cuoco prefers working on television. Over the course of his career, he has established himself as one of Brazil's most beloved actors, captivating audiences with his talent and charm.

A Family Man

Cuoco was married to Virginia (Zhin) Rodrigues for over 20 years. They have three children together - Tatiana Rodrigues, Rodrigo Rodrigues, and Diogo Rodrigues. Tatiana currently resides in London. Cuoco and his former wife maintain a friendly relationship even after their divorce. Many colleagues speak highly of his exceptional character.

In November 2008, Cuoco's eldest son, Rodrigo, got married, followed by his youngest son, Diogo, in March 2009. The official wedding ceremony between Diogo Cuoco and Juliana Ferreiro took place on March 28 at the National Historical Museum in Rio de Janeiro.