Frank Christohh Schnitzler

Frank Christohh Schnitzler

German painter, poet, musician, actor, director, producer, politician
Date of Birth: 14.09.1970
Country: Germany

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  2. Early Life and Education
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Biography of Frank Christoph Schnitzler

Frank Christoph Schnitzler, a German painter, poet, musician, actor, director, producer, and politician, is not just a talented and well-educated individual. He distinguishes himself with an active life position, concern for everything happening around him, and advocates for peace worldwide.

Frank Christohh Schnitzler

Early Life and Education

Frank Christoph Schnitzler was born on September 14, 1970, in Tübingen, West Germany. He spent his childhood in Ohnastetten, where his parents, Annemarie and Friedrich Wilhelm Schnitzler, owned a farm. In 1990, Frank established his first studio at this location. He studied instrumental music and obtained a master's degree in July 1999. Additionally, from 1990 to 1992, he studied drawing and painting under the guidance of Lothar Schall, a German artist.

Frank Christohh Schnitzler


Starting from 1998, Frank Christoph Schnitzler began appearing in minor roles and as a guest on various television programs on channels like 'ARD' and 'SWR,' including an episode of a crime series. He collaborated with renowned actors and directors such as Armin Ulrich, Till Endemann, and Stefan Krohmer.

In 2010, Frank founded the knightly organization 'Achalmritterschaft Reutlingen e.V.' with the aim of restoring the ruined Achalm Castle, located near the city of Reutlingen. The transfer of the property to the Achalm Counts caused a conflict with the local authorities. Schnitzler's year-long legal battle with the district's official leadership received widespread media coverage. The 'Knights of Achalm' became the knights of the Reutlingen district.

In 2012, Schnitzler started hosting the program 'Neues vom Achalmritter' ('News from Achalm Knights') on the independent radio station 'Wüste Welle' in Tübingen, which he continues to moderate to this day.

His music project 'Mootisave' gained recognition through the talent show 'Das Supertalent' on the RTL channel. Schnitzler is interested in representing Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Sweden, intending to 'sing for peace.' He founded 'Mootisave' in 2009, a project that does not aim for personal gain. The musician promises that the proceeds from his concerts will go towards social programs, as he believes his songs contribute to establishing peace on Earth.

In March 2015, Schnitzler established the organization 'LEADER Mittlere Alb e.V.' Projects within the 'LEADER' program, initiated by the European Union, are developed at the local level to support agriculture.

On June 5, 2015, Frank Christoph Schnitzler became the cultural ambassador of the European Union for the Szob and Ipolydamásd districts in Baden-Württemberg in the European Parliament.

Currently, Frank Christoph Schnitzler resides in Reutlingen. He is a member of various organizations and groups, including 'Arbeiterwohlfahrt|AWO,' the music society 'GEMA,' the film company 'UFA,' and the 'LEADER' program.