Frankie-Rose Lea

Frankie-Rose Lea

British woman victim of rare brain tumor
Date of Birth: 15.08.2007
Country: Great Britain

  1. A British girl, victim of a rare brain tumor
  2. Initial Symptoms
  3. Misdiagnosis and Worsening Condition
  4. Diagnosis and Treatment
  5. Challenging Treatment
  6. Hope for Proton Beam Therapy

A British girl, victim of a rare brain tumor

Frankie-Rose Lee, a young British girl, has become a victim of a rare and dangerous brain tumor. Her parents are willing to sacrifice everything to save their child, including selling their home. However, their efforts have not been enough, and now the Lee family must rely on the kindness of strangers for help.

Frankie-Rose Lea

Initial Symptoms

In May of this year, Frankie-Rose first complained of leg pain. Initially, her mother dismissed it as being a result of excessive physical activity. Like many children her age, Frankie-Rose led an extremely active lifestyle, so it seemed natural for her legs to hurt after a long day of running around. However, rest did not alleviate her pain, and her mother became increasingly concerned.

Frankie-Rose Lea

Misdiagnosis and Worsening Condition

The family sought medical help, but the initial doctor did not find anything abnormal in Frankie-Rose's symptoms and attributed them to normal growth-related issues. However, her condition continued to worsen, and she started experiencing frequent falls due to the constant pain and damage to her legs.

A second visit to another doctor also provided no answers, as her frequent falls were attributed to flat feet and resulting balance problems. Despite the persistent pain, her condition was not taken seriously until a new doctor decided to conduct a simple neurological test. Frankie-Rose failed to track the movements of the doctor's fingers with her eyes, revealing a much more serious problem than initially believed.

Diagnosis and Treatment

An MRI revealed a dangerous accumulation of fluid in Frankie-Rose's brain. She underwent a complex operation to remove the fluid, during which it became clear that the problem stemmed from a mass near the brainstem. The news came as a shock to her mother, as diseases of this magnitude always seem like something that only happens to others and not to loved ones.

A week later, it was discovered that the mass was a malignant tumor, specifically a high-grade astrocytoma. This type of disease is extremely rare in children, making diagnosis and treatment even more challenging. Doctors could not predict how Frankie-Rose's young body would react to medications and procedures, but something needed to be done.

Challenging Treatment

Initially, surgery was ruled out due to the tumor's location, as it posed too great a risk. The medical team decided to rely on chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but it was too early to commence these treatments as Frankie-Rose needed to grow and develop further. Unfortunately, the news of her condition arrived at the most inconvenient time - just before her mother's wedding on August 23. Despite contemplating canceling the wedding, Frankie-Rose insisted on being her mother's bridesmaid. Her doctors approved her participation as she was in a relatively stable condition.

On August 15, Frankie-Rose celebrated her 7th birthday, surrounded by entertainment and treats. Her parents are uncertain if she will have the opportunity to celebrate another birthday. She also had the chance to be a bridesmaid at her mother's wedding, where her condition cast a somber mood. Chemotherapy, unfortunately, worsened her condition, causing severe side effects and rapid tumor growth.

Hope for Proton Beam Therapy

Now, the Lee family's only hope lies in proton beam therapy, but the treatment comes with a hefty price tag. In addition to selling their home, Frankie-Rose's parents are tirelessly raising funds through various means. They are relying on the kindness of strangers to help them afford this potentially life-saving treatment.