Fred A. Leuchter

Fred A. Leuchter

Execution expert, Holocaust denier
Date of Birth: 07.02.1943
Country: USA

Biography of Fred Leuchter

Fred Leuchter, an American expert in executions and Holocaust denial, obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1964 from Boston University. He furthered his education at the Harvard-Smithsonian Astronomical Observatory. Although Leuchter does not consider himself an engineer, he holds several patents, including ones for geodetic equipment and an electronic sextant.

Fred A. Leuchter

According to the New York Times, Leuchter was involved in the sales of military intelligence equipment for a period of time before transitioning to a more unusual trade. He founded the company "Fred Leuchter Associates," which operated in multiple states, assisting authorities in the installation, improvement, and maintenance of execution devices. Initially specializing in electric chairs in Tennessee, Leuchter expanded his product range and trading area.

Leuchter considers his work humanitarian and demonstrates great respect for both the security of serviced prisons and the future victims of his products. He also claims to offer relatively low prices for his services. In 1985, Leuchter sold all the necessary equipment for lethal injections to the state of New Jersey for $30,000.

On October 24, 1990, The New York Times published an article accusing Leuchter of several fraudulent incidents and labeling the poisons he supplied for injections as exceptionally inhumane. Edward A. Brunner, the head of the anesthesiology department at Northwestern University Medical School, stated that Leuchter's poisons paralyze the victims completely, resulting in their silence rather than a painless death.

On June 13, 1991, The New York Times informed its readers that Leuchter received a two-year conditional sentence for practicing engineering without a license. In 1988, Leuchter was hired by Ernst Zündel, a Holocaust denier previously convicted in Canada. Leuchter was supposed to testify as an expert witness in court. He traveled to Auschwitz and Birkenau, where he meticulously studied the remains of the concentration camps, including barracks, dormitories, and gas chambers.

Leuchter drew a rather unexpected conclusion from his investigation. He claimed that the inspected gas chambers could not have been used for mass executions. However, new details emerged in the case after a scientist analyzed the samples collected by Leuchter. It appeared that Leuchter's results were not to be taken seriously, as he had collected the samples in a rather unprofessional and careless manner. Some of his conclusions were based on questionable or outright false facts.

Today, Leuchter's report is considered completely debunked, and additional investigations conducted in concentration camps overwhelmingly refute his claims. The story of Fred Leuchter and his report served as the basis for the documentary film "Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr."