Frederick Drew Gregory

Frederick Drew Gregory

Former NASA astronaut
Date of Birth: 07.01.1941
Country: USA

  1. Former NASA Astronaut and Deputy Director
  2. Joining NASA
  3. Astronaut Career
  4. Leadership at NASA
  5. Legacy

Former NASA Astronaut and Deputy Director

Frederick Drew Gregory is a former NASA astronaut and the former Deputy Director of NASA. He began his career by graduating from the United States Air Force Academy in 1964 and went on to defend his dissertation at George Washington University in 1977.

Joining NASA

On January 16, 1978, Gregory was selected to join NASA as part of the 8th group of astronauts. This marked the beginning of his remarkable journey as an astronaut and his contributions to the field of space exploration.

Astronaut Career

During his time as an astronaut, Gregory participated in several space missions and made significant contributions to NASA's scientific research. He served on a number of space shuttle missions, including Challenger STS-51B in 1985, Discovery STS-33 in 1989, Atlantis STS-44 in 1991, and Endeavour STS-67 in 1995.

Leadership at NASA

In addition to his achievements as an astronaut, Gregory also held leadership positions at NASA. In the early 2005, he served as the Acting Administrator of NASA, taking on the responsibilities of leading the agency.


Frederick Drew Gregory's career at NASA spanned several decades, and his contributions to the field of space exploration are commendable. He is known for his dedication to advancing scientific knowledge and his leadership abilities. Gregory's accomplishments have left a lasting impact on NASA's mission and continue to inspire future generations of astronauts and scientists.