Fujishima Kosuke

Fujishima Kosuke

Writer, famous and popular mangaka, both in Japan and abroad
Date of Birth: 07.07.1964
Country: Japan

Biography of Fujishima Kosuke

Fujishima Kosuke is a renowned and popular manga artist and writer, both in Japan and internationally. After completing high school, Fujishima started working as an editor for the manga magazine "Puff." It was during this time that he interviewed Egawa Tatsuya, the author of the popular manga "Be Free!" Filled with courage, Fujishima showed Egawa his drawings and became his assistant.

In 1986, Fujishima published a manga report on the adaptation of "Be Free!" in the magazine "Comic Morning." This marked his first professional manga publication. The readers were particularly captivated by two policewomen featured in the report. Inspired by their popularity, Fujishima began publishing a detective-romance manga based on their adventures titled "You're Under Arrest!" (1986-1992), which was later adapted into an anime series by Studio Deen.

In 1988, Fujishima drew a small manga column for a contest where the prizes included merchandise related to "You're Under Arrest!" In this column, the heroines of the series prayed to a goddess for help in winning. The goddess struck Fujishima as such a successful character that he started publishing his second manga series, a romantic-fantasy manga titled "Oh My Goddess!" (1990-), in the magazine "Afternoon."

In 1993 and 1994, both "Oh My Goddess!" and "You're Under Arrest!" were adapted into OAV (Original Animation Video) series. Since 1998, a super-deformed TV series based on "Oh My Goddess!" has been airing, and in 1996, a TV series based on "You're Under Arrest!" was released. Fujishima also creates numerous illustrations for manga magazines and works on designing characters for video games, such as "Sakura Taisen" and the PlayStation version of "Tales of Phantasia."

Fujishima is a true techno-enthusiast. Technology, usually real and meticulously detailed, plays a significant role in all of his works. However, the core of his stories has always been the lively characters and their fun and humorous romantic relationships and adventures.